Saturday, January 21, 2017

My life...

My friend posted this on her blog and it gives you a story for each week of the year for journaling purposes. I would LOVE to know all of this about my parents, so I figured maybe one or possibly 2 of my kids will care about this about me in 20 or 30 years, so I'm going to play a little catch up and do the first 2 weeks right here.

Goals that I  hope to achieve this year, I already posted.  But with a. few weeks behind me, My focus is on getting healthy and getting nicer to my kids. I want to be remembered as the fun, kind mom, not that crazy sarcastic one that I've shot for the last 10 years or so.

The 2nd one is, What is something you've learned by yourself without help from anyone else.  This is A HARD one.   I feel like everything is at least inspired by others. I would say photography since I didn't take a class, or a workshop or any thing, but I do remember asking lots of questions on forums and to Holly in the beginning and to Melissa these last few years.  Maybe my most recent thing is painting boards. I have 3 that we're framing today that I'll post pictures of, but I just wanted some and realized most everyone charges crazy amounts when it takes about $3 to make (if you steal wood from old lots or from your friends that are clearing a lot to build and it has AMAZING old wood fence posts).  And the lettering, I've just practiced and had lots of ugly papers full of them.  But I started it about 3 weeks ago and have already given away 3 gifts to friends that had stuff pinned. Quilting is something that I've pretty much taught myself.  My mom put me in some sewing classes as a little girl, but quilting I just started the year we got married and have averaged about a quilt a year.  Last year I did 2 quilts and 2 baby quilts. this year my goal is one family quilt (not sure if it'll be 4th of July or Christmas, I have plenty of fabric for both....I've realized I'm a fabric hoarder...self taught, but it's in my genes from my aunt Jackie who has taken it to the extreme) and one quilt for my sister.  Each year I'm making a quilt and giving it to one sister a year.  It's been so much fun! I figured since I've given one to each of my kids...twice....I'll start on my sisters then go back to my kids, because by then, they'll probably be washed to death from all of the muddy forts, peed beds and picnics.
Something I"d like to teach myself this year is wood work!!! Just making these frames has been so much fun, and I just made a cute industrial bench, next I'd like to make a sewing table then a breakfast nook!  I know it'll probably take me all year, but luckily, I've got all year!  I'd like to teach my boys to do it too...and Kam, she loves shop class!

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