Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whatta great day...

Guess who just ate 1/4 of a cooked radish and it tasted like ice cream?! YAY!!!! We were just supposed to do the broth today, but we're going to eat a few of the vegetables so we'll be ahead one day so we can eat at the cinco de mayo party!


dani said...

Wow. Thats sad. I hope I never think radishes taste like ice cream. :)

You are strong.

Harshes said...

Holy Crap Kristal, you are starving yourself! At least you are finally having some kind of calories. Can't wait to hear how you feel when u r done.

Unknown said...

You made our goal didnt you???

I also love radish, beet and turnup icream. People dont know what they are missing.

Havent sent the cash or shorts yet - Im a stinkin looser - TODAY though.

Am I suppose to have a CD for Jen of Tyler?