Thursday, May 8, 2008

My little man

I love this kid! Seriously the past few days he's just been freaking awesome! He has had 2 rough patches, I think because he got too tired, but he's been soo cuddly, and laughs at everything, and dances to any rhythm, and pulls his arm up and down and says choo choo (still not a talker though). He's just freaking awesome! He's the one that has kept me sane this week with my ever so sick husband and 2 older kids that like to fight, throw chickens over the fence by their feet, yell "I don't like you anymore" at me, and make constant messes. This kid has just wanted to cuddle and laugh and dance. I LOVE HIM! Today I kept bugging him because he wanted to watch Curious George, which he's never seen before, but I need him to learn to love before next week because that's the birthday party he's having. And I kept telling him to show me his eyes, but he didn't want to stop watching tv. Oh, and yes I know he's the dirtiest kid ever, and he has dried boogers in his eyebrows. this shot was from a year and a half ago. He was about 5 months. I know, I look a little dead again, don't know why, I was eatting back then for sure.

Ok, and the part I love most about B this week is these things! Look at em! He's wearing the cutest fleece lounge pants from Old Navy and he had his little feet crossed and I just had to take a picture. I aske dhim if I could and he shoved his feet up by my lens. I had to recross them for him.

Love ya B


Tamee said...

Have another BABY for heaven sake. He really is cute, but you are really baby hungry. I'm not right now. Love my kids but we're all filled up right now.

kristal said...

no no, that's why I'm loving B so much, he's NOT a baby, I'm finally w/o a baby! My kids can all feed themselves, walk, and know when to leave me alone. Life is good. I'm really actually nervous to screw it all up with a baby, but I know I want more KIDS.

scooping it up said...

B is so sweet and little. He and Jane need a photo shoot together and a play date. She can teach him how to talk. You look great in the pink shirt BTW.