Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

I can't get my pictures in order, but here's the card and flowers the kids brought me in with breakfast in bed. Here's a beautiful handprint K put on our sheets with a pen and then said, "no way, that's too big to be my hand, Dad did it".
And after church, they played on the trampoline while Daddy made lunch and I sat in bed catching up on celebrity gossip via E!

Mother's day started with me laying in bed for about 30 minutes after I woke up...waiting for Jase to get up and do breakfast in bed like him and the kids always do, but he didn't ge tup and I got bored, so I threw the covers off, and he said, "wait, stay in bed" and jumped up. So I watched TV in bed for a while, then K came in and said, "we got you flowers for a surprise" then Jase yelled "K get in here!!!". Then came the breakfast. The amazing whole wheat waffles covered in buttermilk syrup and grapes. Along with a gift card to wal mart so I can get this.... I had to put B on it to see if it would look good covered in kids. I think it does. And I also got the cutest crumpled up book from it is....
(I like to jump on the trampoline with my mom.)
(My mom hleps me make my bed)
(I love my mom because she makes brownies)
Thanks J! This is the best book I've ever had!


j&krosser said...

I love the picture with Boston on the furniture.! I can't wait for Kayda to make books, that is about my reading level. Cute book.

AudyCamp said...

ok i've been depressed & then i realized why..i'm having kristal withdrawls! your blog anyways.. It always makes me smile!! LOve your girls night in idea &'re a fun Mommy!!

Anonymous said...

the picture of Boston on the sofa is hilarious. You should put him in many different photos. Where in the world is Boston?

Maybe photoshop a beret on his head.

Alona said...

Fun mother's day! I'm so glad that furniture looks good "covered" with kids!

Raysha said...

I love that your daughter blamed her sheet drawing on Jason! Too funny and clever.