Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our "5th of May" party

So I look for ANY excuss to have our friend Steve make his amazing Mexican BBQ, adn you know, cinco de mayo, how much more Mexican BBQ can you get? Well, he's not a fan of celebrating Mexican independence, so we had a Mexican BBQ party on the 5th of May. I don't care either way, as long as he's there, with a grill, meat, cheese, butter, corn tortillas and chilies!

The cooking of the meat The ingredients
The master at work...with the assistance of his girls.
As we waited we talked, played, ate other foods, and of coarse, it's a small town, WE CAUGHT CHICKENS!
Not only is Steve the master Mexican BBQer, his wife made this amazing 12 layer jello salad, and compacted it into 10 layers! It was amazing. I miss it.
Thank you Mexicans for making such amazing food combinations so that we can eat it on May 5th every year! And thanks friends for coming over. We had Eric & Amy Miller, Greg and Cayla Fish, Justin and Kiri Woodside, and of coarse Steve and Lou Hancock, oh, and all of our many many children. It was a great time! Now I'm off to figure out when the next Mexican holiday is!
oh, and the help with the hair delemia....thanks...I'm right where I was. I'll find pictures and make you all vote on it!


LuAnne said...

That party was so fun! We'll have to do it again soon! Don't forget about clogging tonight. I need to call trina & see if she remembered.

Unknown said...

Lu and Steve must have got that mexican bbq skill passed down from papa griffith. We've had some mean mexican bbq's at their house. LUCKY

I can send you a picture of what Koe did to my hair - its lighter with even lighter highlights?

Tamee said...

Yummy! LOVE my Kam girls. She's beautiful. Nice 5 million layer jello cake. My kids love those.