Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding #1

On Saturday I shot a wedding for a girl here in town. They have the most amazing house, not only for JC but for real. They got it all landscaped in a couple of weeks for the wedding too. ANyway, it was a lot of fun. Her colors were lime green and red...very different. I liked it!

Cake top A family of 10 kids....6 girls.
the 10 kids and a spouse and parents
just cute!
It was a lotta fun....cant' wait for #2 on Friday!


Lisa said...

Wow what great pictures. Casey and Debbie have a beautiful family and you did such a great job with their pictures. the bride looks so much like her mom.

Michelle and Javier said...

You do such a great job! You're a natural! :) One of these, I might find my Mr. Right...and you're hired to do my pictures!

Mary Ann said...

those pictures are awesome! what a beautiful family.. tonya was helping all week for the reception. looks like all went well!

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

oh my gosh i love that family! i played sports against the girl that got married. lets just say i didnt so much like her then... but i have changed my ways. & once again i wish i would have had you take my pics:( you do such a good job.

Alona said...

Oh my gosh! How old is she? I feel OLD! Great pictures, Kristal!