Monday, November 22, 2010

Love the Sabbath

I love that on Sunday we just chill as a family at home. I love it. Yesterday we decided to make cake balls by Bakerella! Um, so much fun! And look how fancy they look.Those were even our crappy ones. I thought i took a picture of them covering our kitchen last night, but I didn't. And now half are at school (the kids took them to their teachers) and half are in our fridge, so yea. Oh, we made cake pops too. They were red with sprinkles, but ALL of them went to school. the kids decided they want cake pops for their birthdays now. yay!!!
And last night Jase and I whipped these puppies out....
They're for a friend's daugher's wedding, but I LOVE them! I wanna make some to leave on my kitchen cabinets for real.

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Woodside's said...

I love the red flowers! I have not seen those..they must be kinda new. Oh, and those things you made look really yummy. They look like something I make but they never come out that fancy:) Anyways, have a Happy Thanksgiving!