Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ka Rah Taay Kid!

Jaden...yesterday was Jaden day so obviously I'm falling behind my new blogging schedule. But we're doing a countdown to Thanksgiving and today is "I'm grateful for Heavenly Father" so here's what Jaden has to say:

Because he gave us a house and he helped us get enough money to get our car and He's helped us have enough money to let me and kamryn go to school and to have all of these things and families. How about brother's and sisters? (me: yup) He gave me my family.

And now I'm going to share some amazing Karate Kid pictures from Halloween. He's got some killer moves (and dimples) goin on.

Oh and just a little tid bit. Jaden is ALMOST a Bear in scouts. And today he came home and said, "mom our teacher let us make wahtever we wanted with wood scraps, and I made you this recipe holder and door stop". Um, I'll DEFAINTELY be posting picture. He's got some mad craftsman skills!
Thanks bud.

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Cat said...

Love these pics Kristal! Before you know it you'll be looking back at these wondering where all the time has gone. I guess that's why potographs are so important...they can bring you back to that moment.