Friday, November 5, 2010


Ok, so everyone is facebooking about how grateful they are, I'm not into doing personal stuff on facebook...seems like a waste to me. So I'm doing it here, where I can print it out and have it for the kids. (and grandkids, and you know)
This week was hilarious. WE started off with a broken water mane, so our yard, and 3 of our neighbrs had water all over the place, TONS.....lesson learned:
I'm grateful for a handy dad and husband who went out and had it fixed in no time.

2 days ago our fridge/freezer went out, so I had to take all of our food to Jase's office fridge and my parents little fridge downstairs....lesson learned:
I'm grateful for good credit so we can get a home depot card to get a new one.

Pearcen learned new tricks while we were on our how to climb stairs. So now, with the new bunk bed, even though the ladder doesn't start at the ground, it stops at the mattress on the bottom bunk, he can climb to the top....little tiny man, clmbing to to the top of a big huge bunk bed. Today he fell.....from the top of the ladder to the mattress of the bottom bunk....lesson learned:
I'm grateful for answered prayers. (I heard him crying across the house...I was getting the older 2 ready for shcool...I went running and praying)
Um, and I'm just grateful to have the world's easiest, sweetest and most roundest cutest baby ever!!!


Elissa said...

wow sorry about the fridge and watering the nieghborhood. pearcen makes the perfect garden knome. can't wait to see you guys.

Lanae said...

brian and I just concurred that he is the cutest garden knome we've ever seen!

Tamee said...

Eat him up for breakfast. I wish we lived closer and I would have bought the girl knome and set them up in the garden out front. Cuteness! Now we need to see Kamryn. My girls want to know what she was.

Sarah Pace said...

Holy CUTENESSS!!! his is flippin cute in that costume!!

The Giles Files said...

Cutest. Costume. Ever. Love it!!!