Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm grateful for....

THIS MAN! Seriously he's hilarious. I think he laughed all day yesterday....and pooped. He pooped all over the place in the morning and everyone except Boston was gone. There was only 1 wet wipe and it wasn't a 1 wet wipe job, so I had to yell at Boston to go out to the car and get the bag of wet wipes....5 minutes later, he was still out there, so I just brought Pearcey into the sink to clean him. It's ok, I sanatized the sink afterwards. haha.

Now to other things I'm grateful for. My day yesterday was just full of them. I loved my day! I was in my PJ's ALL DAY LONG! It was fantastic! I'l start with this amazing ice cream. It's soo good! I'm a fan of mint ice cream, and this is just over the top. Every other year Schwans carries in, but we haven't had it in about 8 years, so I'm EXTREMELY grateful for it!
My MOM!!! I'd die w/o my mom right now. I'm soo stupid and decided to take on a million projects that I don't know how to do. So yesterday after I got all of the patter cut out for the kid's Christmas PJ's, she had to come help me figure out which ones I needed for each kid. And then she left me....and I was scared. BUT...WAHLAH! One pair of PJ pants down, only 3 more to go...and 4 tops to go. haha. It's going to be a long month of sewing.
A new fridge! yay! I had no problems with our last fridge....the ice maker went out the year we got it and the water thingy needed a new filter for the last 3 or 4 years,b ut it was a good fridge. But bam, one day, just gone!. So looky here, a beautiful new Samsung. It's really fun for us to just open the doors and look. And the light slowly comes on when you open it so it's really calming. It makes me shove the pumpkin pie down much more slowly.
I'm grateful for my MOM! Haha, did I already say that? Yea, I decided to can a bunch of salsa yesterday because my neighbor gave me a ton of tomatoes. Again, i was nervous, but it was sooo easy, and now I wanna do it everyday. Thanks ma! (oh, notice crock pot #1)
And crock pot #2 and #3! I'm grateful for good friends that are willing to experiment with me. We're doing dinner exchanges. I have Monday we had chicken noodle soup and homemade rolls and bread. I LOVED the way my house smelled, stayed warm, and looked with crock pots all over the place.


Sarah Pace said...

your awesome! seriously can you teach me how to be a good mom! where do you find the time to do all that!! babysitting takes all my time!!!! good for you making your kids pj's i just buy mine every year!

Kristal said...

I'm not a good mom. I suck at sitting down and helping the kids with their homework. WE do read together, but I suck at a lot of mom things. And I find time to do this shiz when I should be cleaning. haha. I have 2 hours in the afternoon M-W when my younger 2 are asleep and older 2 are at school. Then I have a couple of hours in the morning before they get up and a couple at night when they go down. Trust me, these things take me months to finish! (well, not dinners) but I'm not quick at my projects.