Monday, October 4, 2010

So cool!

This guy is just too cool. The other day he said something that one of his uncles said in college that made us laugh. He said, I'm just really popular". He's awesome. During conference I had him help me fold clothes, this is how it ended up....So then I made him get in the bath with Boston to keep boston quiet during conference....that worked out much better.
I'm so glad Jaden chose our family. He's awesome, and he ups our cool points by a ton! I love that he still loves to come and hug me and he wrote me the sweetest note in my notebook, it said:
10 Thing I love (he told me it was supposed to say "about you" but he ran out of room)
helf (helpful)
Ticling (tickling)
the way you dress
your butfl hair
the thing you (he said he ran out of room, but it was supposed to say "do" and it means how I held him during our first time down splash mountain, and read books with him, etc...)
thing you make (like our room)
adtud (attitude)

Jaden, I LOVE this list! I love it! My top 10 about you right now:
10. I love that you try so hard to sweep your hair across your forehead by just nodding your head over like your cousin Quinn can do.
9. I love how observant you are. You learn so much from all situations (usually a good thing) and you remember detail well.
8. I love that you make funky noises just to see if Boston will copy you.
7. I love how great you're doing at keeping your room clean.
6. I love that you hug me so much.
5. I love that you eat the food I make for you.
4. I love that you laugh at my dances.
3. I love that you were embarassed to be dropped off in the suburban, you're a goof!
2 I love how excited you are for the bunk beds, I thought you wouldn't really care.
1. I love that as I'm typing this, you're in on Kam's bed reading books to her, and have been for about half hour. you're amazing!


Elissa said...

aww such a sweet note. love him.

Tamee said...

Garrett want's bunk beds too. He wanted to buy then the night we found out this was a boy.
We love Jaden too. Garrett really wants to go to Jo City again so that he can "run around the streets of Jo City without any adults around." We must keep too tight of a rope on the kid.