Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ahh, back to life...

It's soo great to be back. Ok, except the dishes, laundry and kid's fighting . But it's soo great to hold my baby, cuddle with my Jado, have Kam asking me to help her pick out a "cute" outfit and have Boss wake up and say, "me going to ride my bike to the neighbors, bye!". They're awesome. Last night we had a late halloween and we did the phantom ghost and carved pumpkins. I love it! I LOVE FALL!!!!!
Um, and I love this! We bought Kam a crown making kit and sh eloves to make them, and thinks everyone needs one. I usually wear mine around the house, but I don't look nearly this adorable!
And Boston, he was dying that I wouldn't let him open his "boston" cookie before i took a picture...I can't tell if he's wanting to eat the cookie or just lick his boogers. Either way, he's awesome!

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AudyCamp said...

love the boston boogers. :)