Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Top 10...for now.

Things I LOVE right now
1. I love that Kam just included "Please help us to ALWAYS be a happy family" in her breakfast prayer this morning.

2.I love my mom and dad for taking my older 3 for a week while Jase and I go celebrate 10 magical years.

3. I love Jase.


5. I love that we have stampin up every month...don't love stamps, but love stampin up night with the girls and LOVE the non stamp stuff from stampin up.

6. I love Halloween again. I didn't last year, but i do this year and I'm SOO excited for ALL of our costumes! I love em all!!!!

7. I love Joseph City. I'm so glad we're able to make a living here. I'm such a country girl and such a paranoid mom, so this is the ONLY place that I can put my mind at ease and enjoy life.

8. I love nutmeg! On everything!

9. Slippers, fluffy soft, warm slippers!

10. Jaden. I would have went crazy in Flag yesterday w/o that kid. He's the best!

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