Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quickest 2 months OF MY LIFE!

I can't believe it was 2 whole months ago that I had this girl.  It seems like just yesterday. I'm so mad that she's trying to hold her cute little head up.  I have LOVED the baby stage with this one.   I think because I haven't stressed myself out or felt guilt about breastfeeding.  And she still nurses a few times a day and I pump, but I'm 100% ok giving her a formula bottle or 2 a day.  And so is she.  She's the smiliest baby ever.  Even if you're not trying to make her smile, you'll look down, and she'll be smiling.  She's fantastic.   She's still so little, which I LOVE.  She's about the same as Boston at birth, but less jowls.  She LOVES to sit and watch you talk to her.  She tries moving her mouth and makes cute little sounds.  I don't remember my other ones smiling or cooing as early as Vivvy.  She was smiling at 5 weeks, like REAL smiles, and cooing a 7 weeks.  I feel like every mile stone is as big as it was with Jaden, because i know it's the last time to see these milestones happen.  ugh, baby bibby...stop growing up!!!!!


Woodside's said...

She is so sweet! You have done really good with your 5 kiddos. You should be very pleased with such a beautiful family! Good luck with your move! Are you staying in the Valley?

Anonymous said...

She is amazing Kristal, and so darn gorgeous! Have fun loving on and enjoying this last little Mulder. That made me sad to type that, you make the most beautiful kids!