Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Bibby's Blessing

I LOVE THIS BABY!!!!!  She's fantastic!   
Her blessing was on Easter Sunday.  I REALLY wish we would have waited another month or 2....or 3.  I felt a little pressured to have it on Easter Sunday, and it all went well, but I think I was still a little too post partum, and stressed, and she was too little and, whatever.  She's a doll and I love her baby bibby guts!

Uncle Bill conducted and Jase did a fantastic job with the blessing.  The Aunts all helped put together a great luncheon and we had a really fun Easter egg hunt for the kids afterwards.  Viv was a gem the whole day and of coarse she looked adorable in the dress Grandma Hatch made her.  I'm going to do some more pictures with her in it as soon as she fits in it better...hopefully a month or so.  It's an amazing dress though, and I LOVE that it's handmade by her grandma!!!!


Woodside's said...

She is so beautiful! I love that dress and it is so special that your mom made it. Let us know the next time you come to visit and we will go to dinner. I enjoyed seeing you last time. Have a great weekend.

Burgess said...

This makes me want another baby!!! Mine grew up way too fast. She's stinking adorable and I LOVE the dress!!