Sunday, May 20, 2012

My super awesome SIX year old!!!!

This week, my Boston turned 6....SIX!!!!!!!  That's insane!  He's just my little Boston and now he's  years old!
  I decided to ask him a few questions about himself with me.

1.  Boston, what is something I always say to you?
B: Boston, you're cute!

2.  What makes your mom happy?
B: Hugs

3.  What makes your mom sad?
B: Getting in a fight....right mom?

4 . What's your favorite food?
B: Ramen and donuts.

5. What's your favorite sport to play?
B: Soccer and Swimming.

6.  What's the best show on TV?
B:  Team Oomi Zoomi

7.  Who's the coolest person on earth?
B: Me.

8.  What thing do you do most awesomely?
B: Box (I had no idea he did this)

9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
B: Car's Land and Disneyworld and Legoland

10.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
B: A boxer (I have no idea where this boxing thing is coming from)

11.  What's yoru favorite song?
B: Like, Bon Jovi songs.

12.  What's your favorite book?
B:  Just Grandma and Me

13.  What 3 words describe you?
B:  awesome, cool, funny

14. What's your favorite snack?
B: goldfish, those yummy kinds.  Do you know what yummy kinds i'm talking about?  (me: no), those yummy kinds like pizzas.

15.  Who's your best friend?
B: Christopher and Brixxon and Pearce, and that's all.

16.  What's your ONE wish?
B: It would rain donuts.  


Woodside's said...

Super cute boy you have there Kristal! He is so fun!

Tamee said...

WE miss Boston! Happy Day!