Monday, January 10, 2011

5 things

So I realize everyday I do a lotta different things, but sometimes I feel really boring, and the things I do aren't exciting, but they do differ day to day, so I'm going to write 5 things I did today

1. Got super super mad at Canon and Cameta, wrote both and told them my brand new camera was broke, then took it all apart, put it together and it worked again.

2. Freaked out because we can't go to the cabin we were planning on going to this weekend

3. Got super made that my steel cut oats that I ordered from amazon were damaged. The oatmeal was fine, but the adorable cans that it comes in...bashed up...they heard from me.

4. Squeezed my 4 year old. The shcool called and asked me to come pick him up because he seemed sick. I walked in and looked at him and he broke down. Melt

5. Jillian

And it's just noon people. haha. Ok, nothing exciting, but things I'll find interesting 10 years from now.

1 comment:

Elissa said...

i miss jillian. imagine if we skyped while both doing jillian.......memories.