Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My darling, darling Pearcey Pie!

Nothing makes me happier than a 3 or 4 year old.  Seriously, it's my favorite age.  They're hilarious, they love you, they're goofy, they still need you, and they don't quite yet know how to truly be mean.  This Pearce kid is a perfect example of a super fantastic 3 year old. I LOVE spending all day with him everyday.  My neighbor bartered her daughter's senior shoot for some preschool this coming year, and I'm so excited for him to have fun, but so sad to have him leave me already. i've never sent a kid to preschool earlier than 5 years old, but it's just for a few hours a week. I LOVE that he loves to kiss me on my cheeks, nose and lips anytime i ask for a kiss.  and I LOVE that when he asks for something, and my answer is, "yup, you just hafta hug me", he's all over it.  and my favorite thing about this guy right now...when I ask, "Pearcey, who's the coolest?"   He always answers, "you and me mom"  and sometimes he'll throw Vivian or BOston in there.  And when I say, "who's not the coolest?"  He answers, "dad".  haha.  I didn't teach him that at all.  Although yesterday he did say dad for the coolest (with mom of coarse).  He's hilarious! I made my niece snap a few pics of him and I at my parents Sunday after church because we matched (unintentional) 

 And of coarse this shot, because every mom needs a goofy looking picture of herself in her 30's.

 At the end we decided to pull out our Blue Steele....
 There really is just NOTHING cooler than a 3 year old kid! I have honestly caught myself crying in the middle of the day (not when he sees me) because before long, I won't have a toddler boy anymore, ever.  That's the saddest thought ever to me!  But I guess it has to stop at some point.
 And here's a couple of me and the ole nieces....i always feel young when I'm with them, but i guess I still look my age.
 And a little throw back from 5 years ago 4th of July) Kayla, we need you in the NOW pic!!!

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Unknown said...

Print and frame, print and frame, PRINT AND FRAME!!!! Those are perfect of you two. You look AMAZING. And you look your age if your 26. You blow your 5-years-ago self out of the water, take THAT five baby's mama used to not allow pics of yourself you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!