Saturday, June 18, 2016

Did I grow up this fast?!

FOUR MONTHS!  I can't beleive it was really 4 whole months ago that I helped this guy come to earth!   It seems like a few weeks ago!!!! I LOOOOVVVEEE seeing him grow, and get chubby and learn, and watch and smile and laugh and get control over his hands, but I hate that the newborn phase is behind us...forever....and he tries to lift his head sometimes (luckily he likes to cuddle). Packing up the baby boy 0-3 m and the 3-6m clothes is so incredibly sad!  But seriously, this baby round chubby gushy adorable yummy face.....

 He's blading...which I LOVE.  Pearce was a bald boy for about 6 months and with these round ole heads it's like a perfect little que ball. I love it!  He still has a bit of blonde fuzz...contemplating buzzing it.

 And this one.  Even though she's in, what I might say is the ROUGHEST phase any of my kids have ever been in (with the exception of a bit of teenagerness), I really am sad that she's growing up.  Vivians perks:  She loves to cuddle, color, watch TV, read books, help cook, sneak chocolate with mom, dress girly and get her hair done.  Vivian challenges: runs away, yells...A LOT, isn't the quickest learner with consequences, shoves clothes everywhere (learned from her older sister), cuts things (including hair and books), and sneaks chocolate without mom.   She keeps us all in stitches with her awesome dance moves, and hilarious sayings.  Never Grow Up Vivvy Girl!

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4 months! Say it isn't so! I can't believe how happy he is, i need to get up their so our boys can start bonding now! Matix needs a friend who isn't always trying to poke him with pencils, shove his blanket in his mouth or pull his adorable hair out...I'm talking about Liam of course.