Thursday, January 15, 2015

playing catch up….again!

Halloween was kinda, super, very unorganized this year.  I was out of town for trunk or treat, so J let the kids pick a costume out of teh boxes.  Same with Halloween night. I didn't even snap a shot of my younger two!!! ugh
Boston wanted a shot with a monster since he was a zombie….
Kam wanted to be the same thing she was last year…..
and Jaden decided last minute to be a missionary.
Vivian does this cool thing where if she starts pouting about something, I ask her to go to her room until she's happy…and um, SHE DOES IT!  She runs back there, reads a book or two, or something 9 or 10 and then comes out all smiles!  She's awesome!!!!

I started the bath for these two the other day and TOTALLY forgot….bad mom moment…they were so excited to get into the "big swimming pool".
And yes….I threw a party.  I miss being the party thrower….I just feel like so many people are so busy here, and that I'm kinda, um, lame now, so I never throw them, but I decided to throw a Favorite things party and IT WAS A HIT!  There were about 16 of us, and they all brought such fun things. I totally forgot to take pictures of it all, but we did snap a few before the party of myself and Millie.  She just loves me!  :)

And I'll end with a sweet moment with the older 3 playing Trash.  They go through game phases….it was trash a few weeks ago, now it's 4 player Mancala or the Marble maze…but no matter what game they play, they usually put it away when they're done, then go ride bikes…everyday!

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Miken Harding said...

I love you and your family! They are beautiful! thanks for sharing your life! Can't wait to see you guys someday again!