Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nothing too exciting….thank goodness

Lately I've been noticing colors and textures in things and wanting to take pictures.  It's weird, I hope it passes.
 But fun family stuff…our garden is growing!  This picture was taken over a week ago….it's completey covered in green right now.  I think some watermelon and cantaloupe seeds got spread throughout the whole thing, but the corn, tomatoes and squash are doing well through it all.   We all love watering it!

 And this guy.  How have I not written about him and his love of wheels.  It can be ANYTHING with wheels…tractors, trains, cars, trucks, motosacycle as he calls them.  I thought it was a phase like it was with my older boys, but it's been over 2 years and it's STILL his thing, so he's got quite the collection….

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Unknown said...

That last picture is amazing!!, I love it! Jude is OBSESSED with tractors right now!! It's fun :)