Thursday, April 4, 2013

One year shoot

So Kamryn will be 10 this year....I still haven't done her baptism shoot.
Vivvy turned one a month ago....I just did her shoot.  Put into perspective, a month ain't too bad.  But here's Bib's one year and a month pictures!  She's seriously the happiest, goofiest, cuddliest baby ever!  She makes us all so happy.  All of the kids wake up every morning and RUN to her crib to be the first to hold her.  And she cuddles right in with whoever gets long as they grab a blankie also.  
 She's so fantastic...and so SO spoiled.  She doesn't get spoiled by grandparents like most babies, so I feel the need to over spoil as a mom...and I do.  She gets FULLY dressed everyday (even if I'm sitting around in PJ's all day) and the second she sqawks (which she's great at now), I give her a banana or a food pouch.  She is always surrounded by lots of toys and blankies in her carseat thanks to her 3 year old admirer.  She still doesn't walk, probably because there really is no need.  And we figured on average she gets 50 kisses and 20 hugs a day!  It's impossible to hold her and not kiss her a ton!!!!

Happy Thirteen Months Baby Bibs!!!!


scooping it up said...

So dang cute!!!

kevinboy said...

SO lovely and cute! I love her! Baby Monitor

Kristal said...

Who are you kevinboy?