Tuesday, December 30, 2008

how times have changed

For years when I was a kid I only wanted to be either DJ from full house, or even more, Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. She was soo cute. I know a few of you had to have thought so too. All that hair, and the way she rolled her jeans up at the ankle and had big fluffy bangs most of the time. And the fact that she got Zach Morris puts her up 10 cute points as well. Well, looks like I had good taste.... as far as girls go....but let's see who I thought was cute as far as boys growing up.....

Yes, Corey Haim. I loved him in Lost Boys (yes, it was rated R, but I was at a friend's house here in town that wasn't LDS, and didn't know for a few years, um, and a few viewings later that it was R), and Licence to Drive, and whatever lame 80's movies he was in. I loved him. Uh, glad I changed my taste in guys.....

Now let's look at who I vote most hot of today. My girl Eva. I wish I was her, hot, Latina, Booty, hair, eyebrows, lips, boo Eva! Get ugly!

And yes, I know, many of you think, "gross, what is she thinking?", but I (HEART) JOHN MAYER...bad! Hot! "what do you like about him Kristal?". I'll tell you.
1. his hair
2. his songs
3. he plays guitar
4. he's tall
5. his eyes
6. his songs
7. his wips (that's what we call lips when we want to bite them off)
8. the way he dresses
9. his voice
10. his songs
So there you have it. But let's give him 15 years like Brother Haim and see what he becomes.

He wont' get ugly, trust me. And if you think he is. I wanna fight you!


The Fish Family said...

So I am in J.C. and tried calling you which, yes I know, is pointless. I went and saw 'our' hubby and he said that I should just email you and then you would respond within 3 minutes!! I am a little bored so I might just drop by...do you answer the door bell like you answer the phone??!!

Burgess said...

I SO wanted to be Kelly. I still love that show -- it's on again on Saturday mornings.

John...he's alright. I like that he has lots of tattoos and he's really funny, too. He needs to make better music, though -- then maybe I would like him better.

Burgess said...

P.S. Corey Haim? Are you kidding me?!

Anonymous said...

Is Kelly's face regressing to that of a baby?

John Mayer does have one thing going for him, he is not Jason Mraz.

Em said...

Your blog cracks me up everytime.

Re your reading the BOM in another post...maybe start after 2nd Nephi, finish through then start again? I had to do that a couple times because I felt I had those parts memorized and needed to move past them and come back. Good luck!

Also...I think it's cute, your little crush on John. I've seen J. Mayer in concert. He is an amazing amazing musician, I'll give him that. But he was way better when he was singing and not speaking. He was a little weird....