Sunday, October 30, 2011


Food. Bike Riding. School.  Friends.  Family.  Swimming.  Making cookies with mom.  Ramen, a lot.  Cousins.  Dad. Road trips in our convertible.  California.  Disneyland.  Beach.  Trick or Treating.  Christmas time.  Saving money.  Dreaming of buying a limo or a 4-wheeler.  Waterslides with friends and cousins.   Soccer.  Toy boats, R/C. Mormon

Thursday, October 27, 2011

biggest slacker EVER!

Alright, the move is made.  We're once again city folk.  Which I'm still having a hard time believing and even harder time dealing with. I cry almost half of the day still.  The kids are in an advanced school (not just advanced compared to JC...haha) and so it's been hard getting them caught up.  I walk them to school every morning and stay there and watch them play until the bell rings.  Luckily there are 5 million kids , teachers and parents so they don't see me stalking them.  My kid that I thought would have the smoothest transition, Boston, seems to be having the hardest time fitting in with friends.  I asked for a class list today so I can see who in our ward is in his class.  His teacher seems great, but he went from recognizing and somewhat writing the alphabet, to read, spelling, phonograms and making tree and bubble graphs.  Pretty big step up.  And his math is the same that Kam was doing in 2nd grade at JC.  ugh!  They've all taken a huge jump up academically, which I think will be great in the future, but that's quite the jump for a kindergartener.  And the worst part, the very worst part, that is probably half of my crying each day, is the full day kindergarten. He drags himself home, and says at least 5 times in the first hour of being home, "I'm tired!".  I feel horrible, but I don't want to pull him out half day when he already has so much catching up to do.
I'm taking a mom's love and logic class once a week with my sister too. I'm sure it'll be helpful in the future as well.  Right now, I'm so hormonal and depressed that it's mostly a guilt trip reminder of the parts of L&L that I forget to do.  But I'm glad I'm doing it.
And it's amazing how in JC I thought I was doing good enough as a I feel like I'm the biggest slacker mom ever.  I make 2-3 trips to their school a day to get them signed up for all the field trips, and to sign up to chaperone, and to get boston in speech and to take lunches that were forgotten, and to  stalk, and to pay for phonogram cards, etc...  And then I hear mom's at the kindergarten parent's info night meeting talking about all the extra classes they have their kid signed up for to learn the new Spalding  really?  You don't think the  8 hours of school, extra hour of homework and half hour of reading are enough each day?   What if the kids actually want to PLAY!?  ugh!  I told the kids we could start sports or dance or karate or whatever they want to do after the new year when we are all settled and on a schedule again.  I hope we can make it.
The house is tiny, and tile.  We've broken a lot of things, and I feel like I'm in a dungeon all day (crappy lighting), but I am a home body, so it sucks.  bad.  Hopefully today Jase will hook up the antenna so we can have some local channels.
We're also using ONE teeny, tiny car.  Last night I took Jase, Boston and Pearcen to Fry's to pick out pumpkins, then I came back and picked up the older two.  It was a pain, so to get home, we were illegal...and of coarse, a member of the elder's chorum presidency was parked right next to us and watched us shove half a dozen people in a tiny little coupe.  Nice.
Volleyball group is fun, even though they ARE advanced compared to my JC group.  My sisters both play and the rules are still sloppy and the same, which I LOVE, but they have perfect bump, set spike overtime.  And Tonight is our first Bunco down here.  can't wait!  Dani is hosting (with a little peer pressure).  And we had a great Pinterest party last week, and there are ward parties, school carnivals, trunk or treats, and other stuff to occupy my country bound mind for the next week.  But I miss my home. I miss it badly. i miss my chickens, my big open kitchen/living room, being set way back off a street, knowing that all the teachers in the school know my kids names and who their parents are, I miss the feeling of security at night. I don't sleep here.  I sleep for a few hours at a time.  It's killing me.  I miss my buried trampoline, I miss Boston running in with pockets and hands full of eggs yelling, "chicly pooed eggs, chicky pooed eggs!".   I miss JC!
Jase is hoping this is a life I can get used to and love like I did that.  He forgets I've spent 8 years of my life in the city....I never didn't want to move.  I'm a hick.  I'm out of place.  I wish I could take my sisters and their families and haul em all back to the country.....andy small town would do if I had them.
Alright, there are my thoughts on life right now.  NOt the best, but I keep waiting to blog till they change and it's just not happening.  I hope everyone is right that this is a time in our lives we'll look back on and laugh, or look back on as good memories.  Seems like we've said that a lot over the last 8 years or so.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Great and not great

Great...I LOVE LOVE that my mom and I made pear honey again this week.  I LOVE that stuff. It's my favorite favorite!
 I LOVE that my niece, Danica and friend, Lanae, are helping me get an awesome bunco group started in the valley.  October 27th!  Can't wait!
 I don't love that I have to pack up, load and MOVE AGAIN!!!
 Why is this dumb lady smiling while she packs?!!!!!
 Don't love that traffic will not be like THIS in my life any more for a while...
 LOVE LOVE our bob's red mill hot cereal.  I LOVE IT!  I wish my kids would let me make it every morning.  It's soo soo good!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

18 weeks....

Alright, there have been a few requests for a baby bump picture, and even though I'm not a fan of my body AT ALL right now, i know I'll wish I had these.  And yes, my arm is that big, and yes, my butt is that low. I just started working out again this week....hopefully the next pic will be better.  But my baby is the size of an avocado....not the cantaloupe that I show it to be.  And I was smiling for the pic, but that one was super blurry (J taking it with the iphone) so I just put this one up.  Blah!  There you have it.