Monday, October 3, 2011

Great and not great

Great...I LOVE LOVE that my mom and I made pear honey again this week.  I LOVE that stuff. It's my favorite favorite!
 I LOVE that my niece, Danica and friend, Lanae, are helping me get an awesome bunco group started in the valley.  October 27th!  Can't wait!
 I don't love that I have to pack up, load and MOVE AGAIN!!!
 Why is this dumb lady smiling while she packs?!!!!!
 Don't love that traffic will not be like THIS in my life any more for a while...
 LOVE LOVE our bob's red mill hot cereal.  I LOVE IT!  I wish my kids would let me make it every morning.  It's soo soo good!


Samantha said...

I want in on the bunco group!! :)

Dr. Mulder said...

YAY! You got it!!!! check your facebook!!!!!