Thursday, April 30, 2009

what a STINKING day!!!!

Ok, we'll start with Monday, Monday was a good day. Did the normal busy stuff, had a shoot with a cute senior boy. I was nervous for it because he only brought one shirt and didn't really want to take many pictures, but luckily it was overcast and we got lots of good ones. Let's fast foward to today. It started out crappy, was crappy in the middle and ended crappy, with a few brief reminders that things will not always be crappy. It started with Boss wanting me to put his helmet on for him. SO as I was putting it on, he got his pointer finger and was doing the ole " goochie goochie" to me, then all of a suddden, with intense force, poked my eye! Right in the middle! I ran into the bathroom (he made my contact go to the back of my eye) and I was crying and freaking out. Then I calmed down by the time I could see again, and I sat him in time out and explained that that hurts super really bad. So he kept riding around the car port whiel I sat on the swing looking at my home ideas and he would come up every once in a while, point at his eye, and say, "ow?" Then the sweet guy decided to water the trees (a reminder of non crappy)....
And then he fell asleep watching CHarlie and Lola an hour before bedtime (another reminder of non crappy)

Where's Kamryn? you might be asking? Well, she has to stay in her room til it's picked up, and it started the day with only about 30 books to put on her bookshelf. But she chose to stay in her room all day, just like she did for 7 hours on Friday. And I believe it must have been around hour 6 yesterday that she snuck out and got some scissors. Let her hair, dress and my curtains in this next picture explain the rest......
Yup, that's right folks, the too short of bangs from months ago were finally grown out and we were pinning them back finally, and wa bam! The girl chops em even shorter. I was honestly sooo devistated for the most vain reason...I think. I was soo excited for her to have long hair (no bangs) for her first day of kindergarten picture because I was going to do her hair like mine on my first day and put her in a dress like I wore on my first day, and now, there's no way. Sad, because I think she might be my only girl, and you only start kindergarten once. UG! SO she is being punished with yard and house work for the next 3 days. She was outside screaming yesterday because "there's too much". There's always too much for my little non worker Kam. Anyone have any ideas for lazy kids? My boys get t heir rooms and chores done within an hour every morning...Kam, it always takes at least 3 hours, or like yesterday and Friday, the whole dang day!
Then after crying (yes I cried about the whole devistating day, I'm pregnant, and tired)in the hallway for a good half hour, the doorbell rang, and i was reminded of a photoshoot i had yesterday. Honestly people, I should ahve taken a picture of myself because i had no idea i could get that incredibly ugly. Hair in ponytail, with bangs pinnned flat down on side, glasses because the contacts were killing me after pokey eye incident, no make up, 3 big zits, jiggly arms, and I actually think m y lips got smaller yesterday along with my nose getting bigger. Anyway, I was also in my tight workout clothes, but I had to answer the door, cause they were all ready for pictures. So I looked like crap, went to take pictures, came home, and was again reminded, things aren't always soo crappy. My youngest was helping paint wood for the chicken mansion, yes still wearing his helment and jacket (it was soo warm her yesterday, but he wouldn't take it off)....
And then by my eldest wanting to show me all of his super hero stunts on the trampoline. This one he calls Spiderman (notice the web slinging finger)

This one is batman (he did a major side flip in the air)

And if you can't guess which "super" hero this're crazy!
Anyway, can I just end this post today by saying, maybe it's ok if I have boys from here on out!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kristal's Pregnancy week 17

Here is another episode of my pregnancy. This week I'm suffering majorly from pregnant brain. I may as well be like this..... I forget everything, even if it's written on BOTH of my calendars, my hand, a paper by the computer and I set a reminder on Jase's phone...I'll still forget it unless reminded a couple of minutes before hand.
My goals for now...still getting into our house by October 1st. WE just had another local guy look at our plans, and it sounds like he will be able to work with our budget and give us what we want. Now we just need to get our stinking tax papers from our STINKING tax guy. Yup, STINKING! (this is really what our house will look like, except we'll have a red door, and a round spirally castle thing on the left front corner of the house)

What I crave...uh, I narrowed it down to food! It changes with each trip to the kitchen, usually healthy though, still don't want sweets, which makes me think this baby is alien because I craved sweets wiht the first 3 bad!
What I look like:

Haha, ok, not really, but I've been doing a few of her workouts each day and I love them. She has a belly pop but she still has muscle lines on the side, and I love that she's about a foot taller than her trainer. haha! Um, but seriously if I even looked that good in a 2 peice NOT pregnant, I'd be happy, YOU STINK GABRIELLE REECE!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gettin rid of em....

Ok, so I had my fun with this lens, camera are a few pics I've taken with it....

But now I think it's time for me to move on. I had a 30D before my XTi (so I downgraded) and I have loved this camera for about 2 years now, but I think I'm ready to go up again. So, I've had a few people say they want my camera, and so I'm offering it on here for a few days before I put it on ebay. The lens is a Canon EFS 85mm with macro and image stablizer. It comes with a carrying case and is in perfect condition.

The Camera is the Canon DRebel XTi. It's really easy to use, and it's a great camera to learn to shoot manual on. I love it! And yes, I did say that I will never get another camera. But I lied. I've got 3 shoots this week, and I figured I can make enough to upgrade since I have nothing else to spend the money on (still don't know the sex of the baby for sure, and still don't own a home to decorate, and no way am I buying huge clothes for myself right now...haha) Anyway, it comes with the box it came in, the manuals, the USB, a battery, a neck strap, some other cords it came with (sorry I dot'n know what they're for...just look up what a new one comes with, and it comes with all of that except the kit lens...kit lenses suck...can I get an amen on that? So I always sell them right away...this is for body the good lens). ANyway, if anyone is interested. e mail me and LMK I'm putting it on ebay Friday if I don't sell it before then.

It's a......

Ok, we really don't know, but we all have the feeling it's aboy. My dad is stil really hoping its a girl, and I think most of my family is, but we're 90% sure it's a boy. We won't get the ultra sound til June 10th, when I'm 24 weeks because I'm nervous that my 30th will be a really crappy day, but if I find out the sex of my baby the day before, it can't be too bad right??? UGH! We'll see. But for now...Pearce Paul, or Henry Paul???

Friday, April 24, 2009

10 virgins?

Last night was the much anticipated 10 virgins play here in JC. It was a tri-ward enrichment and it was amazing. They had it set up like a wedding reception (much fancier than mine was) and amazing food, and the production was fantastic! Here are the 10 virgins (I think only 3 or 4 of them really are...haha) Everyone I talked to had the girl that touched them most. I had 2. This one (I don't remember their names) was the virgin who was always soo concerned about how she looked, and what she was doing and felt like she was much less than everyone else. Uh, yea, sounds familiar.
And this one, who was always so busy with the kids and the housework and everything else, but always had good intent to do more spiritual things. Uh, yea, familiar again. Plus this lady, I always knew she could sing, but I had never heard her sing, holy crap! AMAZING! She is my kid's kindergarten teacher! I hope she never retires!

And this sweet lady is probably my favorite lady in town. She's amazing. She goes to Jase at least once a week and says the funniest things. She's soo humble, she's been through SO much mroe than most and she's always happy, oh and she knows pretty much everything about the gospel. She's amazing! But anwyays, she was most of the older ladies favorite virgin.

I was a tad bit offended that I wasn't asked to be a virgin. I mean, yea, I can't sing, and yea, I'm showing, but still, at least ask! So we decided we're doing a 10 non virgins play. Auditions will be hend in 2 weeks, please wear lace and silk.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weapon of Choice....

In the last 2 days I've eatten an entire bag of these..... almost by myself. Baby Pearce love da lime!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddysito!

Yup, today is my dad's birthday....68. I know, he doesn't look a day over 60. He's aged well. And luckily my parents don't have any major health problems...thanks goodness!!! We decided yesterday to burn up some very plain oatmeal cookies for him...that's his favorite and get him some black balloons and deliver them to him on his daily walk. He goes on a couple of walks everyday and the kids count on him to come by around 8am every morning. It's going to be sad in a year or less when he's moved and there's no more bompa to come by. So we're soakin it up for now! Happy birthday Pa, you're the best, and I blame you for my intense coolness! Thanks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Least favorite quote of the day....x2!

So today I pinched Kam's cute little bum and she said, mom, why did you do that? (as if I don't do it 10x everyday, she's got a fluffy bum, you hafta pinch it!) and I said, cause you have a cute bootae! And she said, no, I have a bum, you have a bootie. And I knew where it was going, but I had to ask, "how do you know?". She answered, "Cause yours is big and mine is small." ug! Then only a minute or two later she reminded me, "mom, when I'm as old as you, you'll be REALLY old". Thanks Kam.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ahhh, 16 down, 23.5 to go!

So I am 16 weeks along! Pregnancy is so stinking long! I've decided to write a bit about me RIGHT NOW, since my weeks change in many ways lately. We'll start with the biggest change, my big belly. Here is a picture of what he looks like in there (I'm about 90% sure it's a he).....I told my OB how big Bossy was and she said I can induce at 38 weeks which you all know I'm against, and I really want an October baby so if I am either inducing ON his due date or on October 1st. One is my grandma's birthday and one is my grandpa's. Now I'd like to take a moment to write about what I can't wait for. A dishwasher. It's Jase's job to wash dishes, so I can't complain about having to clean them, but uh, sometimes he forgets....for a day or 3 and it stinks, and for any of you that haven't seen our, it's about 1/4 the size of our Surprise kitchen. There's just not room to be havin dishes all over the tiny counter top that we have. Hopefully before the end of the year we'll be in our house WITH A DISHWASHER! yay!!!!
What I can't stand at the moment. Ok, this has been for about the whole pregnancy, even the words red beans make me! I couldn't imagine eatting them! YUCK! On the flip flop, I crave Rubio's bean and cheese burritos every morning for breakfast. Thank goodness there's not a Rubio for hours and they changed their hours from 9am to 11am since I had Kam.

What I crave, want....NEED! A half raspberry, half either grape or watermelon bahama mama rama. If anyone is coming up north from the valley and you have a small cooler, please bring me one, I will drive to flag or show low or winslow or holbrook or snowflake to retrieve. I NEED ONE!!! My stinkin neice keeps pretending like she's coming up each weekend and I get my hopes up for one, then BAM, crushed. (you know who you are Bet and you're out of the inheritance!)

My goals. Of coarse you all know my goals. And yes, it might be an obsession of sorts, but it felt sooo good to not be the fat girl for once in my life and it just didn't last long enough. So my goal is to keep it under 200 this pregnancy. And for your skinny girls that just choked on your one tiny meal of the day at the site of "200 pounds"...listen here...I hit 255 with Kam and between 235 and 240 with my boys. So 200 is a great goal for me....hoping I can get back to 150 before getting pregnant AGAIN....and skinny girls, bite me with the gasping at puts a 5'10" girl in some loose 8's...that's not that go eat while I go turbo jam it out B!
Oh, this collage is my computer wallpaper to remind me to not spend more than 10 minutes at a time on this dumb computer!

Another thing that changes weekly about me lately is my "habits I'd like to break" and this week it is defaintely, EYE RUBBING! I'm addicted. I love it. It's bad I know, and Cayla, you're probably freaking out the most because your dad fixes detatched retinas. But my sister just told me about her friend that had to have the surgery and she had to lay face down for 5 days!!!! They got her a massage table so she could at least see something below, but seriously, 5 days of looking down?! I'd rather have my eye removed! So no more eye rubbing for me....ok, well, I can't quit cold turkey. Honestly it's that bad. After I wake up, after a shower, when I lay down to go to bed. It's habit! And it's the one I wanna break right now!
And there you have it. Kristal for the week of April 18...week 16 of carrying Pearce/Henry.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Whatta waste!

Ok, so I was soo excited to be down 105lbs from my heaviest, I worked my butt off for 8 months ( I mean 5-7 hours of working out hard everyday) and stuck to my 17-19 points a day for months, and got my muscley arms and a 4 pack (so close to a 6) and loved standing next to my small husband, and then bam! BAM PEOPLE! Gone! Chubbalubby again. I'm offically up 27lbs from my smallest in October...and up 17 from the beginning of the pregnancy. Ugh! I've been working my butt off too, hip hop abs, and pilates, and sticking to 22-24pts a day (I get more pts because I'm now fatter, and I added 3pts because there's a kid in me) Come on!!!! How do some of you only gain 20-35lbs during pregnancy? SHARE YOUR #$@% SECRET!!!!! Oh, and PS, that's a bikini bottom, not chonies. Not that it's any more modest, but just so you all feel better about NOT seeing me in my underwear.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Alright,first I'm starting with a killer picture of my mini vampire. He loves these teeth. They're obviously WAY too big for his mouth (not his head) but I love when he wears them, even though he drools all over! And alas, Kamryn graduated preschool....again! She is now ready for kindergarten! It was a really cute program about being stars. She wasn't really this bored....
The song about being stars (star sunglasses, all of the kids favorite part!)

Recieving dipolma #2!

The next day she helped her cousin Kendall catch chickens. Which was the highlight of the JOnes JC trip...chickens and dirt.
Luckily they were on VA time so they were up as early as us and came over to jump at 6am.

Now to Easter. We spent Easter at the Guttery's. This is what the Easter bunny person left for the kids. (notice the killer temple picture in the background...I took it)

Displaying their goods....

Then after church we had a big luncheon/easter egg hunt/bill's birthday party/food fest. And we were lucky enough to have 2 hot couples (remember, they don't have kids yet...enjoy the hotness people) Dani and Brennon....
Oh, and one dork...Jami....

Bossy got to be the first one to run out and get eggs. He ran past the hundreds just thrown out and went all the way over to the play ground set and picked out a pink egg and ran back, super excitedly.

Sorry, these were out of order...this is him running out...see the billions of eggs thrown out? He didn't touch one!
Ahh, hot couple #2, Bethany and Brian

I tried to get them to make their weird faces, cause they do in almost every picture, but this is as weird as it got that day.

Boss finally went out and retrieved more eggs, andhe wanted a picture with every single thing in are just a few.....

And Grandma made some fun Easter games for the kids with killer prizes. My kids, on the way home asked, "how comes our cousins knew all of the answers"? Um, we had to explain that they actually listen during church, FHE and any other time their parents talk. So they said they're going to start working on that for some prizes...whatever works.
And then the annual wrestling match between Jaden and the Garretts. Jaden seems to be holding his own still, even t hough they are both bigger than him (and both over a year younger) They'll be much bigger than him soon. We'll see how it goes next year.

It was a killer good time .I'm soo sad it's over. no more family shiz for a few months now. Awww.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Pregnancy?

Ok, it might be my pregnant hormones, but this made me cry:
I love when good things happen to people that good things usually don't happen to.

Tagged with the 8's...

8 Shows I watch
1. The Office
2. Spongebob
3. The Office
4. Turbo Jam
5. Hip Hop Abs
6. The Office
7. Pregnancy Pilates
8. The Office

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Hid eggs
2. Made 72 deviled eggs
3. Drove home from the valley
4. Tried to get baby Tar Tar or Kendal to like me
5. Ate a lot!
6. Went to my sister's church
7. watched my kids in terror as they drove a go cart up and down the street too fast
8. had really really bad painful indigestion.

8 Favorite Resturants...
1. Chipotle
2. Kona Grill
3. CPK
4. Oreganos
5. Eva's
6. Simply Fondue
7. Ruth Chris's (Is that right Mel? I miss that place)
8. Mr. G's (not the Yuma one, although it's up there...the JC one)

8 Things I'm looking foward to...
1. Meeting this stinkin baby!
2. Finding out the sex (june 10th)
3. Lunch
4. Dinner (sad I know)
5. My 30th (june 11th)
6. Our new house
7. Jaden's baptism
8. For my boobs to get smaller

8 Things on my Wishlist...
1. Our new house
2. A round crib with my dream bedding set
3. Cafe Rio's Sweet pork salad double meat with whole wheat tortilla and the green dressing
4. for Koe to do my hair...color, highlights and cut
5. A bosch
6. Perky C boobs
7. New glasses
8. for the new baby to be just like Bossy

8 Things on my ToDo List...
1. Make more bread
2. Finish all of these stinking quilts
3. Throw all of my kids in the bath
4. Unpack the kids and do their laundry
5. Another Hip Hop Abs during naptime
6. Go get adjusted
7. Read with Jado
8. Eat

8 People I tag...
1. Amy J
2. Cayla F
3. LuAnne
4. Mary
5. Ugh, whoever!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Ok, I'd like to start out by saying, I need this cake for my 30th...... Amazing huh?
Ok, now I need to see what weekend works best for everyone (up here in northern Az) for the Love and Logic class. It will be a Friday night and Saturday day. Any weekend in June. Let me know what works and we'll get it set up this time so we can all have well behaved children.....

UPDATE: This will NOT be ME teaching this's a certified Love and Logic coach. She's been coaching for YEARS, and has coached some families that I've admired enough to want to learn their secret, and yes, it costs a pretty penny, but if your kids have as many issues as mine, you'll pay it! haha!