Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ahhh, 16 down, 23.5 to go!

So I am 16 weeks along! Pregnancy is so stinking long! I've decided to write a bit about me RIGHT NOW, since my weeks change in many ways lately. We'll start with the biggest change, my big belly. Here is a picture of what he looks like in there (I'm about 90% sure it's a he).....I told my OB how big Bossy was and she said I can induce at 38 weeks which you all know I'm against, and I really want an October baby so if I am either inducing ON his due date or on October 1st. One is my grandma's birthday and one is my grandpa's. Now I'd like to take a moment to write about what I can't wait for. A dishwasher. It's Jase's job to wash dishes, so I can't complain about having to clean them, but uh, sometimes he forgets....for a day or 3 and it stinks, and for any of you that haven't seen our, it's about 1/4 the size of our Surprise kitchen. There's just not room to be havin dishes all over the tiny counter top that we have. Hopefully before the end of the year we'll be in our house WITH A DISHWASHER! yay!!!!
What I can't stand at the moment. Ok, this has been for about the whole pregnancy, even the words red beans make me! I couldn't imagine eatting them! YUCK! On the flip flop, I crave Rubio's bean and cheese burritos every morning for breakfast. Thank goodness there's not a Rubio for hours and they changed their hours from 9am to 11am since I had Kam.

What I crave, want....NEED! A half raspberry, half either grape or watermelon bahama mama rama. If anyone is coming up north from the valley and you have a small cooler, please bring me one, I will drive to flag or show low or winslow or holbrook or snowflake to retrieve. I NEED ONE!!! My stinkin neice keeps pretending like she's coming up each weekend and I get my hopes up for one, then BAM, crushed. (you know who you are Bet and you're out of the inheritance!)

My goals. Of coarse you all know my goals. And yes, it might be an obsession of sorts, but it felt sooo good to not be the fat girl for once in my life and it just didn't last long enough. So my goal is to keep it under 200 this pregnancy. And for your skinny girls that just choked on your one tiny meal of the day at the site of "200 pounds"...listen here...I hit 255 with Kam and between 235 and 240 with my boys. So 200 is a great goal for me....hoping I can get back to 150 before getting pregnant AGAIN....and skinny girls, bite me with the gasping at puts a 5'10" girl in some loose 8's...that's not that go eat while I go turbo jam it out B!
Oh, this collage is my computer wallpaper to remind me to not spend more than 10 minutes at a time on this dumb computer!

Another thing that changes weekly about me lately is my "habits I'd like to break" and this week it is defaintely, EYE RUBBING! I'm addicted. I love it. It's bad I know, and Cayla, you're probably freaking out the most because your dad fixes detatched retinas. But my sister just told me about her friend that had to have the surgery and she had to lay face down for 5 days!!!! They got her a massage table so she could at least see something below, but seriously, 5 days of looking down?! I'd rather have my eye removed! So no more eye rubbing for me....ok, well, I can't quit cold turkey. Honestly it's that bad. After I wake up, after a shower, when I lay down to go to bed. It's habit! And it's the one I wanna break right now!
And there you have it. Kristal for the week of April 18...week 16 of carrying Pearce/Henry.

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Adam, Hilly and Wes said...

That Bahama Bucks looks so yummy!!! You and Jason should move to Cali to open up a store. You'd make millions!! Seriously!!