Friday, April 24, 2009

10 virgins?

Last night was the much anticipated 10 virgins play here in JC. It was a tri-ward enrichment and it was amazing. They had it set up like a wedding reception (much fancier than mine was) and amazing food, and the production was fantastic! Here are the 10 virgins (I think only 3 or 4 of them really are...haha) Everyone I talked to had the girl that touched them most. I had 2. This one (I don't remember their names) was the virgin who was always soo concerned about how she looked, and what she was doing and felt like she was much less than everyone else. Uh, yea, sounds familiar.
And this one, who was always so busy with the kids and the housework and everything else, but always had good intent to do more spiritual things. Uh, yea, familiar again. Plus this lady, I always knew she could sing, but I had never heard her sing, holy crap! AMAZING! She is my kid's kindergarten teacher! I hope she never retires!

And this sweet lady is probably my favorite lady in town. She's amazing. She goes to Jase at least once a week and says the funniest things. She's soo humble, she's been through SO much mroe than most and she's always happy, oh and she knows pretty much everything about the gospel. She's amazing! But anwyays, she was most of the older ladies favorite virgin.

I was a tad bit offended that I wasn't asked to be a virgin. I mean, yea, I can't sing, and yea, I'm showing, but still, at least ask! So we decided we're doing a 10 non virgins play. Auditions will be hend in 2 weeks, please wear lace and silk.


Jessica said...

I'm bummed that I missed it! Dang! I would totally love to be in your non 10 virgin play though! I am horrible when it comes to singing and having any talent! haha

j&krosser said...

YOu are too funny!

Alicia said...

JUST lace and silk?