Monday, April 13, 2009

Tagged with the 8's...

8 Shows I watch
1. The Office
2. Spongebob
3. The Office
4. Turbo Jam
5. Hip Hop Abs
6. The Office
7. Pregnancy Pilates
8. The Office

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Hid eggs
2. Made 72 deviled eggs
3. Drove home from the valley
4. Tried to get baby Tar Tar or Kendal to like me
5. Ate a lot!
6. Went to my sister's church
7. watched my kids in terror as they drove a go cart up and down the street too fast
8. had really really bad painful indigestion.

8 Favorite Resturants...
1. Chipotle
2. Kona Grill
3. CPK
4. Oreganos
5. Eva's
6. Simply Fondue
7. Ruth Chris's (Is that right Mel? I miss that place)
8. Mr. G's (not the Yuma one, although it's up there...the JC one)

8 Things I'm looking foward to...
1. Meeting this stinkin baby!
2. Finding out the sex (june 10th)
3. Lunch
4. Dinner (sad I know)
5. My 30th (june 11th)
6. Our new house
7. Jaden's baptism
8. For my boobs to get smaller

8 Things on my Wishlist...
1. Our new house
2. A round crib with my dream bedding set
3. Cafe Rio's Sweet pork salad double meat with whole wheat tortilla and the green dressing
4. for Koe to do my hair...color, highlights and cut
5. A bosch
6. Perky C boobs
7. New glasses
8. for the new baby to be just like Bossy

8 Things on my ToDo List...
1. Make more bread
2. Finish all of these stinking quilts
3. Throw all of my kids in the bath
4. Unpack the kids and do their laundry
5. Another Hip Hop Abs during naptime
6. Go get adjusted
7. Read with Jado
8. Eat

8 People I tag...
1. Amy J
2. Cayla F
3. LuAnne
4. Mary
5. Ugh, whoever!!!


Abbey said...

It was way good to meet you too! Hey we're doing a surprise party for Ben down here on the 1st of May if you guys want to come. Sharee will have all the details (once I have them,,,)-you're invited! I'd love you to do a header for me, I'll possibly have a picture soon within the next week or two hopefully. Then I'll have you do one, since I'm not awesome enough to make one!

Woodside's said...

Hey, we would love to come over on the 9th. Just remind me because I have been sooo spacy. Anyways, I am excited for your new baby. You are going to have a girl and Jaran is going to take her on lots of dates when they get bigger and they are going to be friends, and she is going to come to his prom and he is going to go to her prom and she is going to encourage him to go on a mission and after waiting patiently for two years while going to school they are going to share their first kiss and Jaran is going to treat her like a princess because she is one and they are going to get married in the temple of their choice because our husbands are going to be making millions of dollars and so all of our families will get to go and they will make the cutest grand kids for us in the whole wide world and we will spoil them because that is what grandparents do and we will be best friends and go out to eat and talk about how hot we were when we were younger;)