Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby B Overload...get over it!

First I'd like to start off with a baby shower I went to last night. I stunk at taking pictures because I was always busy chit chatting, but it was an ALL pink shower...even the guests were wearing pink. It was for my friend Jessica who has 3 little boys and she's FINALLY getting her girl in a week or 2 (jealous...and jealous that our bellys are the same size...UGH!). Anyway, it was at Jase's office and we played some fun games, and ate some great food (yes I took a 2 hours break from WW...and felt horrible afterwards, lesson learned). But it was a really fun shower!
And on Monday, I decided to get myself some tulips. They look sad here, but they are beautiful in real life. And yes, I'm not a fan of pink, but pink and red together are my favorite color combination. And I think I've grown out of my hippie gerbera daisy phase...tulip is the new flower of choice for me...and hydrenas. Ok, and I have to share this because it was amazing. It was the first carrot cake I'd ever made from scratch. I craved it for a day, and yes, I counted the points in the ONE peice I had (awesome huh? I know). But it was great! Mmmm.

Ok, now on to my kid. I love his stinking guts. I realize I've been a bad mom with photoshoots lately...even candids, so I decided to snap a few of him yesterday while the other 2 were gone and he was soo handsome. Mmm, seriously, he's perfect. I told my neighbor that I'm ok with him not talking and not pooping in the potty, that way he can still be my least until October, then the dude bettered be talking and pooping where he's supposed to!
I like to call this first one. "Histerical!" I was just being a bee with my finger and attacking his neck. He's soo easy to please. Seriously, he's happy all the time...almost.

This one is called, "Dr. Evil...or mini me". Bwaaahahaha
This is kissy face. He really likes to kiss. He'll kiss about anyone that is holding him if they point to their cheek.

I don't have a name for this one, but I LOVE IT! And I want to squeeze his guts!
This is the face I taught him. I taught all of my kids as well as my sisters have taught their kids. We grint our teeth a lot when we really like our kids and we want to eat them.

Don't have a name for this one either, just silly.

And this is the most common face from baby B. He's soo happy!

Mmm, another kissy face.
And on this one I told him to show me handsome. I think he only heard hand.

This was the first shot. And yes, for those of you that know my dad, he is a mini Paul..he still gets it at least twice a week from people here in town. My dad feels bad for him.
Ok, if you have a second, go register here and vote 5 stars for him.....he might get picked for the cover of parents magazine in August or September or something.


The Arnell Family said...

MMMMMMM how about I'd be okay if you shared some of that carrot cake with me and my preggo self?!

Zane said...

He is fun.

Staci said...

What a sweetie! The picture on the trike is amazing! You are so professional. I totally want the cake recipe too! And I check your blog all the time because I miss talking to you that much...and you kind of have a really cool blog!

Katie Bell said...

I love all the pics...So fun!

Miken Harding said...

Such a cutie he is! Yummy cake! I just gave up all desserts-we'll see how it goes! Eat a peice for me.

Alona said...

I can't get over how cute he is!

alison said...

He really is so cute, I can't believe how fast he has grown, I can't wait to see what your next baby looks like, you guys seriously make the cutest kids. Oh and thanks alot for that pict of the carrot cake, I don't even like carrot cake, but I want a piece of that one so bad, it looks so freakin good! How are you feeling with this preg?