Friday, October 31, 2008

A tag....from Kayla....

A is for age: really? Who cares? I'm in my 20's, that's enough.
B is for Breakfast: cereal and 3 oreos (enjoying my time off the diet!)
C is for Career: Mom
D is for Dog’s name: Foxxie Loxxie Roxa Boxen...Fox for short
E is for Essential Item I use Everyday: The toliet
F is for Favorite T.V. Show: Only TV show according to the Mulders, The Office
G is for Favorite Game: Still lovin boxers or briefs people...get me a new game!
H is for Hometown: Joseph City
I is for Instruments: I play piano, but I used to play the timpanis, aww yea!
J is for Favorite Juice: Naked Greens
K is for Kissed: um, anyone around in 1999
L is Last Place I Ate out: I really don't remember, how sad, but I am eatting out on Saturday!
M is for Marriage: Mesa Az Temple 2000
N is for Nickname: Shmeet, Teto, Mommy
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: The wreck and having my first two babies
P is People I was with Today: Jason, the kids, Trina, half the town at the elementary parade of costumes...gotta love small towns!
Q is for Quote:"You don't have to fill your life to have a full life" -Vonda Guttery
R is for Biggest Regret:My tat
S is for Sport: Volleyball and Softball
T is for time I Woke up today: 5
U is for Favorite Unbeleivable random fact: I sneak chocolate with K all the time when Jase isn't looking!!! What kind of mother am I?!
V is for Last Vacation you took: Jamaica, and it will probably be the last for A LONG time!
W is for Worst Habit: Ignoring the children whilst blogging!
X-rays I have had: The whole body after the wreck, cat scans.
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today: Gingersnaps!
Z is for Zodiac: But I'm changing it to Z is for Zoo animal: I love the monkeys!!!

Now I'm tagging:
and Vonda! Go at it girls!

a little catch up

I swear I'm going ot do the honeymoon/wedding post soon.I just have to find some pictures and scan them, then I'll get started...maybe SUnday, but for now, I'm catching up. The other night we got the Phantom Ghost, so we had to make a bunch of stuff to take over to some friends house....B helped out with the "getting rid of extra cupcakes". Thanks B

WE took them to a few friend's houses and my parents. The next day my mom said, "we got that stupid Phathom Ghost thing so now we have to go make a bunch of junk to take around. Dad said we should just take the plate we got". Jase and I looked at each other and laughed. Good stuff.
The other day I caught B dressing up with K, he did have some heels on, but I wasn't fast enough.

My little 30 month old is still a non talker. He does yell bompa when he ssees my dad coming, or when he has spongebob slippers on. And he'll repeat a little bit. But today I could hear him in the other room saying, "aya....aya". Because Dora was saying, "say abuella". So maybe I just got a Spanish speaking baby. It'll probably come in handy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I got tagged...twice...

I'll do my tag from Audra today, and my other tag tomarrow. This tag is...

Find the 6th folder in your picture folder, and then pick the 6the picture in that you have cute....
Then the second part was to post the oldest halloween pictures since you've been a family...well, since I posted the devil picture a coupel of posts back, I'll post the last 2 years of Halloween...Jase and I...I'm a fat angel, he's the man in the yellow hat...NOT DICK TRACY! Cutest sleepy pig ever!

Sexy witch

Sad pig

curious george and the man in the yellow hat

Then last year...dead snow white...

skyscraper and king kong (thanks to Mel's genius thinking)

and yes, she was a witch again

and yes, he was a monkey again!

Now I'm tagging....Burgess
Amy J
Amy B
Amy A
Amy M

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My mean love life....Part IX.....Narrowed down

Then a couple of weeks later, he went to the valley with me. We had fun going to movies, golfland, diamondbacks game, visiting friends, roller blading around ASU campus. On the way home we talked a lot about us. We stopped at my families cabin for a bit and he kissed me. Then he said, “it’s fun kissing a girl that I love”. Then I knew. But the fact that we were inseparable make people talk. So we planned a wedding. We planned colors, flowers, who was going to be in the line, set the date, and continued to be in love. We didn’t tell anyone that we were getting married, because it wasn’t official. As of now, I hadn’t even said I love you to him! But he knew, and we knew that it was right.
One night at Ah So with my family my brother in law Bill chimed his glass with his knife and said, “Jason has an announcement to make”. He turned red, and we both just laughed. Bill set the date for us, January 20th, 2001 at 3:30. Close.
The next week Jase asked my dad for my hand in marriage.
I started my dress shopping on the same day he went to get the ring. The next day, he took me to Show Low Lake (formerly my grandpa’s house) he had cheese cake and sparkling cider, and lots of blankets (November) and he asked me to be his princess forever. I said ok and almost threw up….effect of being nervous and cold and excited and in love all at the same time. And a month later we were married, December 2, 2000.

We’ve been more than happily married for almost 8 ye
ars and I’m soo glad I dumped all those other guys!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My mean love life....Part VIII....done with the rest!

I went to Bishop Casey Fish and confessed 21 years of sins, and asked for my mission papers. He told me to take all of the stolen road signs back, stop taking the sacrament for a while, and tell that boy that I was working with that I liked him, and then he’d give me my papers.
The next week I thought about what bishop had said. While we were on the job, we were stopped at an off ramp and out of no where I said, “I like you more than I’ve ever liked any guy”. We were both totally taken back by the comment. I really didn’t know I was going to say that. But BAM, there I did, it was out there. I probably should have passed out or fake passed out and pretended like I never said it. Or even better, knocked him out in hopes that he’d forget, but I didn’t. I left it out there. Luckily we treated the comment as if I HADN’T said it, but just knowing that he knew made me feel like a silly girl in love. Slowly he started putting his arm around me more, kissing me more (other than the make outs), and wanting to go to my family activities. I’m sure you all have figured this one out, but the hottest guy in the world is my Jase. We slowly started falling more and more in love. We had the best times together. We got to dive all over AZ with our job. One day when we got stuck in construction, we were at the front of the line and there were a bunch of workers, we decided we wanted to make out while we were waiting. The workers were busting up. I remember our first Halloween together. I was still able to wear whatever costume I wanted, so we found the first two matchy cheesy. Devils. We just wore them to the Halloween party that the family he was living with had.Another time we hiked to the bottom of the salt river canyon in our swimming suits down some switchbacks. WE got down and hiked around a for a while. We were the only ones for miles. Jase pulled me and I was soo excited because I thought he was going to kiss me, but he got his lips right up next to mine, and nothing…NOTHING! I was dying! He said he wasn’t going to kiss me anymore until I kissed him, because he always initiated the kisses. He later told me he could tell I wanted to kiss him so badly because my bottom lip quivered. Did not. We had motorcycle rides through that same canyon in October in the middle of the night when we were both frozen. My journal
entries turned into “I would love to spend forever with him because I LOVE him, but I could never be “in love” with him”. Even confused myself with that one. Then a few weeks later, “He’s my best friend and even if that’s what we stay forever I will always love him because he makes me so happy”. Aww how sweet and sappy and so unKristalish.
Then was his first holiday with the family. I invited him to Thanksgiving at my sister Randa's house in Mesa. It wasn't that hard for me to meet his family, there were only 3 brothers and a mom and step dad. My family at the time was 4 sisters, 3 brothers in law, 7 neices and 4 nephews, and a mom and dad. And for any of you that know my family, it's crazy when we get together, lots of food, cards, sitting around, pedicures, doing of hair, cooking, baking, eatting, and sometimes my sisters (all ex cheerleaders) get into cheers or dances. Probably a bit crazy for a guy coming from a family of 4 boys. But it was great. I loved having him there. I wrote in my journal, "we went with all of the guys to check out cars, he fit right in with the family, yikes!"
The small town rumors started flying after a few months of seeing his work van at my house every day. Rumors of marriage even. Thanks people. Jason had even heard them. I asked him, “how funny would that be?”. He said, “I’ve thought about it a lot”. My heart stopped, along with the conversation. I didn’t know where to go from there, so I didn’t. We continued hanging out, kissing, holding hands, flirting, and seeing each other everyday. He came to all of my family events with me, which made me fall even more in love watching him play with my nieces and nephews. The next few weeks were filled with the game “temptation” in the boat on the lake that we used to go lay in at night, buffalo wings at RJ Black Bulls, and me meeting his family. But I knew, he still hadn’t told me how he felt about me, and he had a trip planned to Cali with some friends to go see a girl that had been in love with him. He told me he for sure didn’t like her when he came back, but I was still so annoyed inside that he went to see her when he was in what I thought, a serious relationship. I got over it.

My mean love life....Part VII, transition from city girl to country girl

That May I decided I hated my job in the valley, I hated MCC, and I didn’t want to put up with the summer heat of Tempe, so...

I moved home where I always had a job waiting for me at the school. (sorry that was the only picture I could find on my computer of me living in the valley during that time...gotta love it though, danica and kayla and tamee...nice) A few months later, the best looking guy in the world moved up to Show Low to work. We were able to keep up our “playing” every few weeks, and he even offered me a part time job since my school job was part time (even though I was paid full time by the best boss in the world). We hung out A LOT. I still had phone calls from Mitch…we mended our horrible friendship, and e mails from Clint…still talked music with each other. And of coarse the best looking guy in the world and I were both still friends with Ted, so we saw them every once in a while, but usually didn't invite him to the dance clubs on the weeeknds since he was now a family man.

One day we decided to try out for a dating show that had couples date other people and say what they liked about the "other people' more than their boyfriend/girlfriend. Since we weren't really a couple, I figured it'd be fine to totally rip on each other like that on national TV. We took these pictures, trying to look like an offical couple because you had to turn in 3 pictures with your application.
A bunch of us went to Clear Creek to jump off of cliffs one day. HE was there, with his brother and a few other friends. I decided to be the tough girl that was raised by these cliffs and jump off of the highest cliff, which was about 70’. It killed! But I came out of the water with a confident smile. We had a lot of fun that day. So much that I wrote this in my journal, “he’s the best. I don’t want to be the one he marries, but I’m going to be sad & jealous when he does.” So I figured there would be nothing there, it’s just another fling. But we went on with the summer, hanging out, attending singles activities and flirting with whoever was lame enough to show up. I was living under the strict hand of Paul Hatch at the time. Back to my HS rules. There were nights we’d hang out so late that I’d just want to stay the night up at his house in Show Low. I realized that maybe I did like this guy, when I found myself fighting with my dad (who I NEVER fight with) about spending more time with him. I ignored it though, because he was still dating other girls on the side too. We had so much fun working together though. WE went to slide rock in Sedona…in our skivvies during tourist season, we made a tape for him to try out for the first season of Survivor (which he should have made). We were best friends.

Then I realized how jealous I would get of his other girls, how I would miss him when we missed a day of working together, and how badly it was killing me NOT to tell him how I really felt. I’d never had to do this before. Things just always happened, but we had be
en kissing and flirting for so many years that I figured he was just using me (which I was OK with 100%) and he figured the same thing, but I either needed to tell him or stop hanging out with him. And the easiest way for me to get out of that one was a mission.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My mean love life Part VI

The “hottest guy in the world” still came around a lot. We would go out and do crazy thing like make statues on Main in mesa until the cops busted us, or hit the midnight movies, or his favorite thing to do with me is to watch me flirt with guys at the mall..weirdie! He still like to hang out with Ted, so we would hang out with Ted and his new girl friend every once in a while. At this point in my life I wasn’t in a relationship with anyone and still doing the dumb things that 19 year olds do, like flashing a bus full of boys for a kiss from “the hottest guy ever”, or making mannequins in the mall and freaking people out. My love life was at a stand still, but I didn’t care, I was having fun….until one night at 11pm when I got a phone call from Ted. WE still kept in touch and talked a bit. We talked about work and friends and family and then he told me, “there’s something I need to tell you, I’m engaged”. I was instantly in shock! I pretended to be happy for the rest of the phone call, asking details and congratulating. I hung up and cried for 3 days. THREE DAYS! I thought I was completely over him. I called in sick to work and thought about how happy his life would be with his fiancé. Then I realized why I broke up with him, and how I could never be happy with him for that reason, and I was better, and moving on to his next friend, my next victim…Mitch! Or as I refer to him in my journal, “an arrogant, self involved, annoying SOB” (hense the lack of pictures) Yes, Mitch and I would fight for a whole week, and make up for a whole week for about 2 months. The straw that broke the camels back was one weekend when he took me to Thatcher to meet his family and I ended up kissing a couple of his friends (one being the “best looking guy in the world”). We didn’t speak the whole way home, and we didn’t speak ever again. So I decided to keep playing with the best looking guy in the world for a while while my love life was in a short hiatus. We would meet up every few weekends, play around, wrestle…we had wrestling names for each other. He referred to me as Venom. Our relationship was completely summed up by Dave Matthews band Stay…which says, “tomorrow we’ll go back to being friends’. That was us for years. Then I moved onto another friend, Travis. Travis and I never really had a relationship, just a few weeks of fun and a lot of discussion. This guy liked to talk about his ex a lot. Which bugged a bit, but I knew nothing would come of us anyways, so we had our fun, and I moved on. For a few months I dated whoever was around. Random guys, old friends from EA, guys from my guitar class, and the nerds from the singles ward, and yes, still occasional hook ups with the best looking guy in the world.

My mean love life....Part V Guys of the week

Then I realized I had no REAL reason for breaking up with these guys, so I decided to spare guys REAL rejection, I would have a “guy of the week”…which was really guy of 2 weeks. I’d find a guy, flirt with him, get him to flirt back, and then cut it off before it became anything. This was MUCH more fun for me.
A guy that was never guy of the week, but was guy of the year for me was Jeremy Jones. WE spent almost every day and night together being mean to others and then the second half of the semesters finding ways to be nice to others. He helped me realize how dorky most guys at EA were, however he does take credit for introducing me to THE ONE.
I remember a few of the guys of the week. I remember one of the first was Shawn Marquez. We mostly just hang out for a few weeks and flirted, and he let me (being the first) drive his sweet camero. He said it was because I was wearing suntan lotion and that was a weakness for him. Whatever it takes Shawn....
Brad Romney was a guy of the week the week before I left for Christmas break. We went bowling, on motorcycle rides, but I remember the night before I left to go home he wanted me to go up to the mountain and go camping with him….so I found a new guy of the week.
One of my favorite "guys of the week" was, crap, I can't remember his first name, something Godfrey. (which I named my stuffed lamb). I know his brother's name was Robby, becuase we called him Rubby. But the one in the orange was the guy of the week. Both of these guys were really shy, and we told Rubby that I liked his bro, and they started to come over, then I had to release him. Sad, he was really smart, and probably really rich now. Ha, just kidding Jase, I LOVE YOU!
We have it on video, me naming off all of the “guys of the week”. It was good times, and no one was really hurt. Ok, cept maybe my freaking institute stalker, “Kermit the frog”, who never made it as a guy of the week.

Then towards the end of the year, Jeremy introduced me to a guy….Clint’s friend…that I wasn’t instantly attracted too, but when we started talking, I loved the things he talked about, and he was so nice to everyone, so I decided I wanted to go out with him, so I flirted, got him to invite me to some cello, violin concert (Sevane Trio)where he told me he was in love with the violin girl, which threw me for a while, but then we started hangin
g out more, and more, and everyday, and then I met his friends the last week of school at EAC. One of them was “the best looking guy I’d ever seen in real life”. I even wrote that in my journal. And I decided that since Ted and I were nothing serious yet, I would hang out with some of his friends. That same night I ended up kissing this “hottest friend in the world” but that was all that ever came of that. It was A HOT kiss. We talked about it a few months later and we both wanted more so badly, but he knew that I was going after Ted, and I, well, I was just soo nervous…that was the first guy that I had kissed….I had been kissed a lot, but never been the kisser.
Then back to Ted. We dated about 4 months.

We went to Mexico together, we went to hockey games together, we went to Dave Matthews band concerts together, and we went swimming in random hotel pools together. We even went hitch hiking together (along with the hottest guy) from Thatcher to Globe and back. We learned apache, I sat in the front for most of the rides we got (it was a segmented hitch hiking trip) and learned that the apache women chew tobacco and spit it a lot. We stole candles from a catholic church, we got a ride in a cop car, don’t ask, and the night of our first kiss we were at the airport before all the security crap was up and we would just talk to random people about where they were from and where they were going. Have to say it was the worst first kiss ever…we bonked teeth. It was his first kiss ever though, so I have to give credit.
Ted was a big flower giver and letter writer. I remember loving that about him. In fact, he was the first guy that I actually “loved” even though I never said it back to him….then from my journal I read, “I think I’m falling out of love with Ted”. And that was that. I did feel empty for a few days, then I was back to dating.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My mean love life....Part IV

So I spent most of my second semester of my freshman year with two guys…Mark and Arlo. They had some issues with their roommates, and Jana and I had some issues with ours, so the 4 of us would go on really long drives, to the mountain, or to the hot tubs, or to the middle of nowhere. I remember one time, it was freezing outside, and we were on our way back from tanque and Arlo had to ride in the back of the truck. At the stopsign, he got out and none of us knew. WE got all the way back into Safford, and realized we were a person short. WE drove back as fast as we could. When we finally got to him, he was freezing, and yelling every cuss word in the book at us. Good times.
(sorry this is the only picture I can find..I know I have more, but this is from a day when they locked Cara and I out of our rooms, and took pictures of themselves...with our our underwear...sick pervs!)
Arlo and I kept trying to start something. I remember he brought me roses for Valentines day. And we tried to be a couple, but just couldn’t. So we kept being flirty friends…for a few years, the end of that relationship is a doozey, and will be explained later.

Then I think I flew solo for the rest of freshman year. The first victim sophomore year was Q….that lasted about 2 weeks, nothing exciting. My journal entry reads, “he’s too big of a pimp to want to have a relationship with”. Next was Billy. Billy and I never kissed, but we hung out every day for a month or two. He was probably the sweetest of my pre marriage relationships. He would write notes such as “if you were a dinosaur, you’d be babe a sorous”. And they always started out, “to the woman of my dreams” Awww, how sweet.

And he’d apologize for the smallest things, he’d bring me roses, he take me to dinner and the movies, and he wore the shirt I bought him a lot even though it was a tad too preppy for him(that's it in the pic). Then I got bored and got rid of him.
Then there was sweet little Clint. A younger man. And although it was only by a year…he was 18 and I was 19, I really did feel a tad bit more powerful. He drew me in with
his quirky sense of humor, curly blonde hair, the fact that he was good at guitar, and of coarse, we shared a mutual love for Empire Records. Which I believe we watched a few dozen times before I finally stole it from the IGA supermarket. Bad, I know.

This was probably the most energetic relationship I was in. We danced a lot, went fun places like tombstone, and hockey games and kissed a lot, which grosses my husband out, so I'm not supposed to talk about it. And we did silly small town things a lot. Then I got bored, and got rid of him. I felt bad because he was sad, but I was done.
Sophomore was almost over when out of nowhere.....

STAY TUNED FOR PART V...the end of my college year

Friday, October 24, 2008

My mean love life....Part III The college years

College was a whole new playing field for me. New boys, no rules, parties, and sadly, no dress code. I tried on some of my skirts from freshman year…wow, slut! Anyway, the first college victim would have to be Jared Wright. I thought he was a dream. He was on again off again dating a hot bod, forgot her name, but I remember he was very touchy, and I wasn’t used to that, but with him, I didn’t complain. He was probably only 5’10” 155lbs (which was actually smaller than me at the time), and he had bleached blonde hair, dressed too good to REALLY be straight, and was very spunky, not macho at all. He reminded me a lot of a blonder skinnier Christian from Clueless. Anyway, all that ever happened with us is I’d catch rides to the valley with him every few weekends, and we became great friends. He even bailed me out when my stupid baseball player date dogged me last minute for the winter formal…he took me. It’s the best picture, him on his tip toes, me with my knees bent. (crappy scan, but you can see the bent knees and tippy toes)
Whatta awful match!
Then a lot of annoying flirting and any excuse to touch others went on, and oh, let’s not forget my amazingly magical first kiss, which was something that I “owed” a drunk friend named Brian, which ended with me running in the house spitting in the sink because I wasn’t expecting his drunken tongue to come out of his mouth…blah! And then came Corey. I really don’t know why I dated this guy. I think it all started because I liked one of his friends, and he started hanging out with us too, and I guess something just caught my eye. We dated for about a month, just going to the BIG events in Thatcher, Az, aka whatever musical event Dr. Lunt was putting on. And we made a few trips to the valley together. My sisters loved Corey, so did my very young nieces, oh, and I think he was my first real kiss.
I remember dying his hair (it was horrible), fingerpainting and eating a lot of ice cream together, nothing too spectacular. Anyway, things got boring, and we stopped hanging out, and we were done. Neither of us broke up, we just split I guess. He was one of those really ambitious guys that tells all of the naïve mormon girls, “I’m getting ready to put my papers in”…for about 4 years, then never does. Whatta stud!

Part IV, The make out years coming soon....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My mean love life....Part II

Then I dated NO ONE for all of High school. For 2 reasons. I was a weirdie...

that honestly enjoyed just hanging out with the girls and 2, the guys I liked were all too cool or shy. I later found out from a few of them that they had wanted to date me in HS, that’s nice, but really does me no good boys.
There were 3 boys that I was fond of in HS though. 1. Jackson Fish. We were always friends, and we had slight flirting moments in early HS, but he hit it big, and became too cool. 2. Paul Hatch (not my dad). We were always friends as well in HS, but he was too quiet, and how weird would it be if two Hatch’s were dating each other? Gross! Although I did take him to Sadie Hawkins one year. I would elaborate on details, but I don’t remember one!'s the pic though....

3. Michael Rogers. Ahhh, this was my truest HS love if ever I had one. We flirted and spent lots of time together for a year, and he wrote me the cheesiest love letters, once even calling me his “destiny”. I loved hanging out with Michael. Then I started to not like hanging out with Michael. What a surprise. He would write in his letters, “I’m getting weird vibes from you that you don’t want to be around me”. Oh good, he got my vibes. But luckily I get to see his old bronco that he taught me how to drive stick in almost everyday since his dad now drives it around here in town. Nice. Michael moved on to both Jackie and Crystal B. and Crystal W. Think he's got a think for Crystals, hope he found one that's got a thing for hyper guys named Michael that need a lot of attention.
And that was that, and I graduated high school.

Part III coming...very exciting!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My mean love life....Part I

The earliest imposition on my singles days that I can remember was little Scottie Jones in the 8th grade. He was the cool kid, a bit chubby then, that has the coolest spikey hair. We had been friends for years, and I remember in Jr. High it was the cool thing to “go out”. Which for Scottie and I meant, holding hands, not talking, dedicating the song “bubba shot the jukebox” at the town family dance, not kissing, and not looking at each other directly for more than 2 seconds. It was great! The butterflies, the tingles, and then I was bored. So of coarse I did what any bored 8th grader would do, and I had my friend Devon call him up and break up with him for me. And I was done with him.
Then I flew solo for a couple of years, writing cheesy letters and receiving even cheesier. Like a letter I wrote to a friend named Tim asking him who he liked in what was probably the lamest, least subtle way ever. And receiving his answer of, “the girl I like is really good at around the world (the basketball game that I had just beat him at the night before). Again, slight tingles, a few butterflies, but nothing ever came of anything until sophomore year. The tall, dark, skinny guy with great hair…Stacy. He was a junior and we had Spanish class together. We had flirted for a long time, and then one magical night at a school dance, we were dancing to, “I will always love you”, by Whitney Hou
ston, and he asked, in a very fragmented way, “will you…..go out…..with me?.
Of course I said yes! I was soo excited. And this relationship went a step farther than the pervious with Mr. Jones. We actually talked…a lot. He would leave flowers on my doorstep, to which my dad would ask, “Who are these from?”. I would tell him I didn’t know. Then Staci would tell me the next day that he took them out of the Shelly’s yard. Awww, how wonderfully cheap of him. We went to prom together, held hands everywhere, went to baseball games together, and then I broke up with him. I don’t remember how, and I don’t remember why, but it’s all for the better, he’s now married to my best childhood friend Celeste.
Part II coming....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly List...

First off I'd like to say how sorely disappointed I am in my 14-16 year old Sunday School class right now. I played Hilary Weeks song, "Be Still" and they all said stuff like, "I don't like her voice", "she has a weird voice". Um, hello kids, do you have any idea whot his is?! Anyways, that was my sad attempt to try and bring music into our class. We've been teaching this class since the beginning of the year and there are 18 of them, and if you know this age...they can't shut their yaps, which is fun, and makes it really hard. It's fun to hear what they talk about, and about the things that concern them. It makes you realize that when you were in HS, you talked about the same stuff, and thought it was soo important, and now that you're a little bit more grown up (not competely), you realize that stuff doesn't matter AT ALL. Anyway, I love that class, I love all of the kids in it, and I'm going to be REALLY sad when we have to trade classes at the new year. I want to just move up a year and keep teaching them. I think they'd get really tired of us for teachers though. Ok, enough of that.

I make a list every week during RS, I know, bad, but I do, of the things that I would like to do during the week. There are so many things that I think of during church that I'd like to do during the week, and unless they are written down, I forget them until church next week. So I'd like to start putting my weekly list up here every week, and then seeing how much of it I ACTUALLY do. Here is this weeks list. Click on it to view it bigger. Notice I've already marked a few things off, because I don't feel like doing those things this week anymore...maybe in future weeks.

On a side note, I think everyone needs to list to Hilary Weeks "Who You Are" song. Seriously, just the first verse is completely me! I love that song. It helps me keep things in perspective and realize that I'm not the total failure of a mom that I feel like a lot of the time.

Wow, look at me being all's Sunday, I'm a Sunday mormon.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Yes, in JC it's called Bonko, not Bunco. This month it was at my house and your only requirement was to dress up like a famous girl/woman. It was a lot of fun! We all came, got a plate of food, then walked over to the elementary school to do our own little parade through the school since it was parent teacher conferences. THen we came back for a mean game of Bonko. Here's a look at everyone's costumes...I'll give you hints to help you figure them all out. First is me...mine isn't even a real person, not even a real made up person. But here's a hint, my husband makes chocolate....
"Hey ya'll, let's just add 2 more pounds of butta ta that batta"
Ahhh, hope that was helpful. Anyway, it was a lotta fun, and I was the grand loser and Paula, I mean, my mom was the grand winner, although I have to say, there was one round that i got TWO bonkos in!!! TWO!!!, and still the grand loser!

3 posts...what the heck

Ok, so you all know I type crazy fast, and my kids actually are totally occupied by neighbor kids today, so I'm blogging it out B!

First I'd like to share an amazing recipe that is really high in fiber, really low in calories, and SO filling and good! It's protien pancakes. My sista Vonda gave me the recipe and it's great for any diet. If you're ok with cancer causing aspertame/sucralose, put sugar free syrup on it, or you can just put peanut butter made w/o sugar on it or I like putting (don't gross out) fat free cottage cheese mixed with fat free cool whip on it and sliced bananas on top. Don't diss it til you try it peeps! Here's the recipe
Protein Pancakes:

4 egg whites
1 cup rolled oats

1 cup non fat cottage cheese
1 tsp. vanilla and a touch of cinamon
Now go make some. Oh, and you need to put them in the blender to mix it. WE did it by just mixing it and it was good too, just chunky.

Ok, secondly, I'd like to describe my perfect day within reason as of October 17, 2008

5am - wake up and go to aerobics where at least 8 people would be

6am - come home do my ab workout then shower and get ready

7am - drop the kids off at the sitter and head up to flagstaff

8am - eat an amazing breakfast at the creperie in old town

9am - go buy my sewing machine

10am - go to the mall and get a super cute outfit(2 pics up) including a new bra, new shoes, new belt and haircut and the L glass that I had preordered at Ritz (my dream day has no budget)

11:30am - go to JoAnn's to get the fabric to build my dream quilt

noon - go eat at Oreganos, pablo picasso salad, pesto pizza, pazookie, oh, and they all have no effect on the size of my body

1pm - hit a matinee of The Women

3pm - head out to Jarome to check out all of the very cool shops that I've been wanting to check out

6pm - find an amazing steak house with an amazing steak and amazing chocolate cake to eat at

7:30pm - go back to our amazing hotel with a kitchen and put on flannel PJ's and slippers (it's 35 degrees out) and make cookies whilst sipping peppermint hot cocoa with marshellows with Jase.

10:30pm - cuddle up in the big love sac that our hotel has and watch letterman til we fall asleep at 10:45.

Sleep through the night The following day of coarse would be spent taking pictures of my kids that I missed so dearly the day before.

Gas - $100
Babysitter- $100
Food - $150
Hotel - $200
Sewing Machine - $700
L glass - $1000
Outfit - $300
Fabric $80
Movie -$25
Window Shopping - $200
Happiness of being able to live out my dream day - priceless
I think I'll do this again in a few months and see how much it changes. good times.