Friday, October 31, 2008

a little catch up

I swear I'm going ot do the honeymoon/wedding post soon.I just have to find some pictures and scan them, then I'll get started...maybe SUnday, but for now, I'm catching up. The other night we got the Phantom Ghost, so we had to make a bunch of stuff to take over to some friends house....B helped out with the "getting rid of extra cupcakes". Thanks B

WE took them to a few friend's houses and my parents. The next day my mom said, "we got that stupid Phathom Ghost thing so now we have to go make a bunch of junk to take around. Dad said we should just take the plate we got". Jase and I looked at each other and laughed. Good stuff.
The other day I caught B dressing up with K, he did have some heels on, but I wasn't fast enough.

My little 30 month old is still a non talker. He does yell bompa when he ssees my dad coming, or when he has spongebob slippers on. And he'll repeat a little bit. But today I could hear him in the other room saying, "aya....aya". Because Dora was saying, "say abuella". So maybe I just got a Spanish speaking baby. It'll probably come in handy.


kAyLa GuTtErY said...

next time you have extra cupcakes . . i'll help you out! Oh and Krystal, i got a differt address for my blog . . oh and i blog more now, i have no life now :) so i blog about my old life, its

alison said...

Cute picts, wow I love that you guys do a phantom ghost there, very cool. Has Boston had a hearing test done ever? I know he can hear, since he can repeate, but you should have one if you haven't just to rule any level of hearing loss out. He is so cute with that chocolate cupcake, love his shirt too and his hair is so long now. How have you been? We have had a rough couple of weeks, but are getting through slowly but surely. I'm sure you already know that though since I blogged about it. OK hope you have a wonderful Halloween Party, I heard Nat is going to be moving to Winslow, that is so cool that she will just be like 15 min. away. Ok have a good one.

Jessica said...

HMMM!!! those plates look way familiar!! Thanks we loved them, phantom ghost is something we look forward to every year! The boys love sneaking them to friends houises!

Alona said...

B's getting so big. He's such a cutie and I LOVE that he likes to dress up . . . in your heels!

Staci said...

b looks like a child of the 60s. love him.