Saturday, October 25, 2008

My mean love life....Part IV

So I spent most of my second semester of my freshman year with two guys…Mark and Arlo. They had some issues with their roommates, and Jana and I had some issues with ours, so the 4 of us would go on really long drives, to the mountain, or to the hot tubs, or to the middle of nowhere. I remember one time, it was freezing outside, and we were on our way back from tanque and Arlo had to ride in the back of the truck. At the stopsign, he got out and none of us knew. WE got all the way back into Safford, and realized we were a person short. WE drove back as fast as we could. When we finally got to him, he was freezing, and yelling every cuss word in the book at us. Good times.
(sorry this is the only picture I can find..I know I have more, but this is from a day when they locked Cara and I out of our rooms, and took pictures of themselves...with our our underwear...sick pervs!)
Arlo and I kept trying to start something. I remember he brought me roses for Valentines day. And we tried to be a couple, but just couldn’t. So we kept being flirty friends…for a few years, the end of that relationship is a doozey, and will be explained later.

Then I think I flew solo for the rest of freshman year. The first victim sophomore year was Q….that lasted about 2 weeks, nothing exciting. My journal entry reads, “he’s too big of a pimp to want to have a relationship with”. Next was Billy. Billy and I never kissed, but we hung out every day for a month or two. He was probably the sweetest of my pre marriage relationships. He would write notes such as “if you were a dinosaur, you’d be babe a sorous”. And they always started out, “to the woman of my dreams” Awww, how sweet.

And he’d apologize for the smallest things, he’d bring me roses, he take me to dinner and the movies, and he wore the shirt I bought him a lot even though it was a tad too preppy for him(that's it in the pic). Then I got bored and got rid of him.
Then there was sweet little Clint. A younger man. And although it was only by a year…he was 18 and I was 19, I really did feel a tad bit more powerful. He drew me in with
his quirky sense of humor, curly blonde hair, the fact that he was good at guitar, and of coarse, we shared a mutual love for Empire Records. Which I believe we watched a few dozen times before I finally stole it from the IGA supermarket. Bad, I know.

This was probably the most energetic relationship I was in. We danced a lot, went fun places like tombstone, and hockey games and kissed a lot, which grosses my husband out, so I'm not supposed to talk about it. And we did silly small town things a lot. Then I got bored, and got rid of him. I felt bad because he was sad, but I was done.
Sophomore was almost over when out of nowhere.....

STAY TUNED FOR PART V...the end of my college year


alison said...

That is hilarious that you left him at the stop sign in the freezing cold, I am sure you guys never hears the end of that one!

The Hulsey Family said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun in highschool. My days were pretty DULL! I've been meaning to ask you where it was that you got your blog book printed last year. Email me at or post on my blog. Thanks!

Aaron N Beki said...

this is thoroughly know you're a good writer. This is so funny. I wanna see you and jasons love story.... You did a great job with bunco by the way.

Amy Allred said...

Just so you know, First off, I can't believe how small EA was, too small. Then I worked at IGA movies and Empire Records was my all time favorite flick. When I quite in 98 there was only one copy left, I am assuming your the thief who put in end to anyone ever having access to the greatest flick ever.

Anonymous said...

Is that dude holding a Bud Light?

Kristal said...

Yes, not all of my flings were LDS, well, I guess he's the only one that wasn't...most of them were just jackmomos. But yes, Billy liked the Bud...and yes, Cara is holding a cigar...just holding though. She's a good girl!

Em said...

It is so weird that I know these people. Or have heard of them! You dated Q!?!?!! Good move on ending it as quick as you did. He's a sweetie, but eww.