Friday, October 17, 2008

3 posts...what the heck

Ok, so you all know I type crazy fast, and my kids actually are totally occupied by neighbor kids today, so I'm blogging it out B!

First I'd like to share an amazing recipe that is really high in fiber, really low in calories, and SO filling and good! It's protien pancakes. My sista Vonda gave me the recipe and it's great for any diet. If you're ok with cancer causing aspertame/sucralose, put sugar free syrup on it, or you can just put peanut butter made w/o sugar on it or I like putting (don't gross out) fat free cottage cheese mixed with fat free cool whip on it and sliced bananas on top. Don't diss it til you try it peeps! Here's the recipe
Protein Pancakes:

4 egg whites
1 cup rolled oats

1 cup non fat cottage cheese
1 tsp. vanilla and a touch of cinamon
Now go make some. Oh, and you need to put them in the blender to mix it. WE did it by just mixing it and it was good too, just chunky.

Ok, secondly, I'd like to describe my perfect day within reason as of October 17, 2008

5am - wake up and go to aerobics where at least 8 people would be

6am - come home do my ab workout then shower and get ready

7am - drop the kids off at the sitter and head up to flagstaff

8am - eat an amazing breakfast at the creperie in old town

9am - go buy my sewing machine

10am - go to the mall and get a super cute outfit(2 pics up) including a new bra, new shoes, new belt and haircut and the L glass that I had preordered at Ritz (my dream day has no budget)

11:30am - go to JoAnn's to get the fabric to build my dream quilt

noon - go eat at Oreganos, pablo picasso salad, pesto pizza, pazookie, oh, and they all have no effect on the size of my body

1pm - hit a matinee of The Women

3pm - head out to Jarome to check out all of the very cool shops that I've been wanting to check out

6pm - find an amazing steak house with an amazing steak and amazing chocolate cake to eat at

7:30pm - go back to our amazing hotel with a kitchen and put on flannel PJ's and slippers (it's 35 degrees out) and make cookies whilst sipping peppermint hot cocoa with marshellows with Jase.

10:30pm - cuddle up in the big love sac that our hotel has and watch letterman til we fall asleep at 10:45.

Sleep through the night The following day of coarse would be spent taking pictures of my kids that I missed so dearly the day before.

Gas - $100
Babysitter- $100
Food - $150
Hotel - $200
Sewing Machine - $700
L glass - $1000
Outfit - $300
Fabric $80
Movie -$25
Window Shopping - $200
Happiness of being able to live out my dream day - priceless
I think I'll do this again in a few months and see how much it changes. good times.


Holly said...

Sounds like fun! Bring me along with you! Ha! Are you sure that you want the 24-105 over the 24-70? The 24-70 is BY FAR my very favoritest, most loved, most used lens! I couldn't live without the 2.8!!!

kristal said...

Yes! I googled the 24-70 and took the first pic, didn't even notice it was the wrong one. And I KNOW! I'm dying to have the 2.8 part of my blurry blurry little life!

Mary Ann said...

that sounds like a dream day!! I love the outfit!! Where did you get it??

Staci said...

dude, where you finding that L lens for $1000? everywhere i look it's 1400-1500... (not that it makes it that much better... but still) You are so great girl. i love how you think and your perspective. My ideal day: Mark sleep more than 2 freaking hours at a time at night. I swear I am going nuts.