Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My mean love life....Part IX.....Narrowed down

Then a couple of weeks later, he went to the valley with me. We had fun going to movies, golfland, diamondbacks game, visiting friends, roller blading around ASU campus. On the way home we talked a lot about us. We stopped at my families cabin for a bit and he kissed me. Then he said, “it’s fun kissing a girl that I love”. Then I knew. But the fact that we were inseparable make people talk. So we planned a wedding. We planned colors, flowers, who was going to be in the line, set the date, and continued to be in love. We didn’t tell anyone that we were getting married, because it wasn’t official. As of now, I hadn’t even said I love you to him! But he knew, and we knew that it was right.
One night at Ah So with my family my brother in law Bill chimed his glass with his knife and said, “Jason has an announcement to make”. He turned red, and we both just laughed. Bill set the date for us, January 20th, 2001 at 3:30. Close.
The next week Jase asked my dad for my hand in marriage.
I started my dress shopping on the same day he went to get the ring. The next day, he took me to Show Low Lake (formerly my grandpa’s house) he had cheese cake and sparkling cider, and lots of blankets (November) and he asked me to be his princess forever. I said ok and almost threw up….effect of being nervous and cold and excited and in love all at the same time. And a month later we were married, December 2, 2000.

We’ve been more than happily married for almost 8 ye
ars and I’m soo glad I dumped all those other guys!


Harding Family said...

What a great tribute to him! I'm glad you both found each other!

Em said...

So cute! So Kristal-esque! Love it.

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

OK, these last couple of post sound more familiar to me - I do remember Ah-So night. What about Wedding Day and honeymoon. While your on a role - dont stop!

Jessica said...

This one was my favorite of your "love life story!" I agree w/ Kayla, don't stop now!

dani said...

Aww I love happy endings! And I love that we got proposed to in very similar ways! Arn't we cute.

The Arnell Family said...

you are just awesome! i love your story. its almost as cute as mine ;) haha but on the flip side you guys are so amazing together!i love the pic where you guys are kissing. you look great!

Michelle said...

Kristal, you are so great, these are fun. I wish I had as many fun times! LOL

Ok, I'm wanting know the story of the mean person! I'm goign to get them!

Oh, I looked everywhere for your post you posted about the propositions and how to vote but couldn't find it, I suck! :)