Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall is the ruliest!

In today's post I'm going to share the pros and cons of Fall being here.
Pro #1 it's nice and REALLY cold in the mornings at 5 when I do my turbo jam so I can wear my cute cropped sweatshirt.
Con#1 It's dark at 5am so I'm nervous about having the curtains open
Pro #2 The high is in the low 80's!!!
Con#2 Getting out of the shower...Brrrr!

K let me take pictures of her yesterday....she didn't want to do this one because she said it was dishonest (immodest) taking her jacket off, which made me so proud, but I just had to get one of her in this cute shirt! Pro#3 you actually enjoy being under your down comforter!
Con#3 It's hard to get out from under your down comforter...brrr!

B never lets me take his picture, but when he saw K getting hers taken, he wanted me to take one...yes, he's in his PJ's, yes that's a black eye, and yes, it's a full diaper and fuzzy hair...but still cute! Pro #4 changing leaves

Con#4 dead flowers

The shirt says it all.....

Pro #5 sweaters and boots!

Con #5 you slack off because you can cover extra flab with...sweaters and boots!

That's a kiss, not a bite.

Pro #6 Darker earlier...I know weird that I think it's a pro, but I love when it gets dark early so my kids will go down early so Jase and I can jump on the love sac and watch The Office reruns

Con #6 ????

Pro #7 kids fall clothes. They're soo fun, and they are all the colors my kids skin color looks good in.

Con #7 ????

Pretty little girl

Pro #7 soups and stews....yum!
Con #7 ????
THis is my favorite picture EVER of her! I love it!

Pro #8 Oatmeal breakfasts

Con #8????

Pro #9 Hot Cocoa on the back porch after the kids are in bed...we've been doing that since our first year being married


Pro #10 Holiday decorations! I love em, love making them, love seeing them, love setting them up and love buying them...just love em!

Con #10????

2nd favorite picture ever...even though I'm jealous of her lips

Pro #11 the fall scented oils. I love the coconuts, and berry smells during the summer, but nothing beats spiced cider, pumpkin pie and leaves (all at bath and body works).

Con #11?????

As you can see, there's not much I don't like about Fall! I'm soo glad it's here!!!!! I will post pictures of my halloween house next week when it is complete!


Melissa said...

Love these pics of Kamryn, her outfit is so darn cute! I have to agree with you about fall, love it!

Vonda said...

It is the ruliest! So is your little modle - wish Tess would pose for pictures - LUCKY!

Tamee said...

LOVE her and want to eat her up. She a knock out.

Staci said...

Kristal your kids are soo cute! I absolutely Kamryns clothes. That is so awesome how she is already using her good judgment to make decisions. You guys are awesome parents! Thanks for your pros and cons, I think that is so cute about the hot chocolate! Enjoy the fall!

alison said...

I can't wait to see your Halloween house! I love all thse picts, Kam is one snazzy dressed little girl, yes she does have the lips that will make every girl jealous and unfortunantely draw all the boys her way. SHe is gorgeous, and I just want to squeeze Boston, he is so stinkin cute!

Alona said...

I'm so glad Kam is not dishonest! Her little outfit is SO CUTE! Your kids are all knockouts. BTW. We're starting to get some of the pros of fall without having the cons yet. Rare treat! :)

Mary Ann said...

LOVE love all the pictures! Kam is so stinking cute.. like her mom... JC is awesome in the fall. It was fun to be there!

Allens, Inc. said...

Kam and Boss are black and white! I love the contrast in their hair on those two photos! Cute kids!