Friday, October 31, 2008

A tag....from Kayla....

A is for age: really? Who cares? I'm in my 20's, that's enough.
B is for Breakfast: cereal and 3 oreos (enjoying my time off the diet!)
C is for Career: Mom
D is for Dog’s name: Foxxie Loxxie Roxa Boxen...Fox for short
E is for Essential Item I use Everyday: The toliet
F is for Favorite T.V. Show: Only TV show according to the Mulders, The Office
G is for Favorite Game: Still lovin boxers or briefs people...get me a new game!
H is for Hometown: Joseph City
I is for Instruments: I play piano, but I used to play the timpanis, aww yea!
J is for Favorite Juice: Naked Greens
K is for Kissed: um, anyone around in 1999
L is Last Place I Ate out: I really don't remember, how sad, but I am eatting out on Saturday!
M is for Marriage: Mesa Az Temple 2000
N is for Nickname: Shmeet, Teto, Mommy
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: The wreck and having my first two babies
P is People I was with Today: Jason, the kids, Trina, half the town at the elementary parade of costumes...gotta love small towns!
Q is for Quote:"You don't have to fill your life to have a full life" -Vonda Guttery
R is for Biggest Regret:My tat
S is for Sport: Volleyball and Softball
T is for time I Woke up today: 5
U is for Favorite Unbeleivable random fact: I sneak chocolate with K all the time when Jase isn't looking!!! What kind of mother am I?!
V is for Last Vacation you took: Jamaica, and it will probably be the last for A LONG time!
W is for Worst Habit: Ignoring the children whilst blogging!
X-rays I have had: The whole body after the wreck, cat scans.
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today: Gingersnaps!
Z is for Zodiac: But I'm changing it to Z is for Zoo animal: I love the monkeys!!!

Now I'm tagging:
and Vonda! Go at it girls!

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Alona said...

You need to add King Krust to your nick names. I loved when you and Cara played the timpanis. You guys were awesome!