Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My awesome festivious weekend...

Well, the weekend started with a killer dinner with our friends the Johns and the Truschkes and of coarse I forgot to take pictures, which is great, because their both modelesque, and I looked like I just got ran over by a car. That was at 10pm Friday night. Saturday, nothing too exciting, we had to get some white elephant gift shopping done, and some desseret book store shopping done, then dinner with Jeremy Jones. I'll post a picture of that later. My kids like to call him short stack, don't know why, but he hates it! Then that night the fam (no kids) went to the movies (which I, of coarse, slept through), then a very late night dinner at Johnny Rockets.
Sunday was when the parties begin (and it's NOT breaking the sabbath if you're partying with family and there is no Alcohol...which we did not allow at this party) WE started with a killer mexicano lunch, then we let the naughty little grandkids do their gift exchange...which I screwed up because I mixed up the giver with the reciever on my end...which of coarse throws the whole thing off. But Vonda, luckiliy has a huge stash of extra gifts for kids of all ages, shapes and sizes, so it worked out. Then my friend, THEN, it was time for the ever famous 2nd annual PDH family white elephant gift exchange....look at the excitement in their eyes..... They can hardly stand it...bring on the gifts.....
Oh, ok, this picture is back to the cousins exchange, it was jut too cute, had to share...Garrett was obviously very grateful for his gift from Jado.

And this picture, you can only imagine what was going on here by the parts that are being covered...just know, there were a few flying sling shot monkeys around this day.

Baby cakes!

Two of the sexiest in the family

My children seem to think that Paula kids are targets of destruction...here is exhibit A
Jamison being beat by a pool cleaner outter pole and a Kamryn.

They got a few more to join in too....and yes, though it may look like a gang beating, it's just a fun, friendly family wrestling match...5 on 1. Sorry Jami

Now the white elephants begin. Bossy was pretty excited about his Easter egg wreath which he thought was a hat! Awesome!!!

And Zane was kind enough to recycle last years winning gift, the fertility goddess, which Jamison won. Nice.

Kamryn went right for the box of 90 airheads when it was her turn, then a mean mean cousin (don't remember who), STOLE EM! So she went right for the huge box of oversized pixie sticks. I tell you people, she has got to be a dentists best friend, she eats more sugar than, um, whoever eats the most sugar in the world. So here is Uncle Sam giving her tips on how to hide them so that no one else will steal them...and it worked. WE've got a huge box of oversized pixie sticks if anyone needs any.

Ah, and luckily Jamison lost the fertility goddess and went straight for the antique keg with double shot glasses, which you know, is perfect for a 16 year old.

Ah, and there you have it, another sucessful Hatch family CHristmas party. Only two things we missed...the nativity, which will be done the week after Christmas, and caroling to the aunts, which we just completely sucked at doing this year!


Amy John said...

I LOVE that picture of Bossy with a pole beating up his cuz. That's awesome.

Vonda said...

Great pictures - I loved the hugs that happened that day.

Knowing how amazing the fertility god is, shouldnt it be shared at the "box Christmas party". I think you could come up with another fertility god -right? That would be another fun "tradition" (finding the best fertility god for the annual party) I'll help, if you give me permission to recyle it to the box?

Kristal said...

Oooh, not my call, the Bollwinkles said Zane had a hard time giving it up so we should keep it as an annual gift that gets recycled in the fam....we could have a family online council about it though, but I don't wanna make that call on my own.

alison said...

Wow I swear I just read about the fertility statue like yesterday, I can't believe it has already been a year since your last party post. Kenz ran over as I was looking at the picts. There was one of your nieces with her face showing through a clear cake lid. Kenzie shouts out, "YOU KNOW HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!" I told her that it wasn't H.M and that it was my friends niece, I think she was a little dissapointed. Glad you had a great time!