Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas kid #1...

Alright, we'll start our Christmas posting with a little J dawg. This dude was sooo excited for Christmas this year. Every few hours on Christmas eve..."Is Santa here yet?". Christmas morning, of coarse, Jase and I were up at 5ish and we got tired of waiting for the sleepy heads, so around 6ish we went in and woke them up. Jaden sat right up and said, "I've been awake, let's go see if Santa brought anything". So we went into the toy room, talked about Christ's birth and why it's so important, read out of Luke, watched "The Nativity" from Mr. Krueger's Christmas video, said a prayer, then let the screaming baby walk out first, then the other two. Jaden was soo excited that Brother Clause left him a killer red bike. He admired it for a bit, the dumped the stocking. A few of his other favorite gifts were his hand held and a few games, 3 remote controls (thanks uncle Jared, Grandma and grandpa and mom), and 4 nerf guns, including the killer battery opperated machine gun...yikes! After we opened gifts, and cleaned up the paper and boxes, he had to go out back and feed foxxie. He freaked out screaming, "Santa left us a playhouse, Santa left us a playhouse!". Then we all came back, and sure enough, the guy left a killer playhouse out back...which was wet and cold by the time the children arose. Nevertheless, they loved it! All 3 of the kids have been playing play doh all day. Kam got a ton. Jaden is waiting for batteries to charge in the meantime for all the remotes and guns. Nice.
Happy Christmas J dawgy dawg! Love ya dude.

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alison said...

WOw your kids hit the jackpot this year! I love that he found the playhouse out back later, so cool!