Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas kid #3...

Bossy....he wasn't too superly excited about Christmas. He did love opening presents, but didn't really care what was in them. He loved the candy, which he usually doesn't dig too much. However, when we were done cleaning up and he saw what his tickle me cookie monster does, he wouldn't put it down. He kept playing with it and laughing at it and hugging it. Another favorite of his was Kam's princess shoes. Sadly he loves my dress shoes, and Kam's dress up shoes. He also loved the big balloons with the rubberbands on the ends that you punch, he popped two. Screamed and cried after he popped the first one, dyed laughing after the second one. He's a pretty easy kid. He loves to play with kids and loves to play alone. He is happy either way.

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Alona said...

Yahoo for all 3 Christmas kids. It was fun to hang out with you guys this weekend!