Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008. The real deal.

I mustn't forget about baking day. Baking day was a little late this year. WE did it on the 23rd. Kam loved helping out, but only for a good 15 minutes at a time, then she needed a break. Here she is breaking at a bowl of grandma's soup with grandpa. Among the baking day goodies were caramel, egg nog fudge, peppermint bark (which I LOVE, but remind me to never take it to Vonda who hates it and hates that so many people bring it to her), cranberry macadamia nut cookies, some amazing crecent roll cream cheese almond things, lemon tassies, russian tea cakes (which Vonda LOVES), and a few other things that I can't remember. The kids favorite part was decorating the sugar cookies. As you can see they did a magnificent job. Only about 3/4" thick of frosting on each cookie.
Christmas eve....I forgot to take pictures, but we had a yummy Mexican dinner with mom and dad and we went on main and helped light the luminers (sp), and then Jase and I had a good time helping Santa that night.
Christmas Morning we got the kids into the toy room, read from Luke, watched the Nativity story, said a prayer then let them rampage!

This is how excited Kam was.

Boss just really liked opening the presents, didn't care what was in them.

Jaden was soo excited to get 3 remote controls. One is already broken...not a week later. I hate remote controls. Do any other mom's feel this way? They cost a billion bucks to get a good one, and even the semi good ones don't last too long. I hate remote controls. But alas, the boy loves em, so we get em.

The hit of the morning had to be the tickle me cookie monster. He stayed in the box for a long while, but as soon as we got him out and they saw what he did. He was very popular.

The next night we had a killer white elephant party at mi casa, y Denny's, y casa de Hunts. It was great to be back with my HS cronies. And I couldnt' have asked for a better white elephant gift that the Mr. T soap on a rope! Thanks Alona!


Jessica said...

You guys always do the funnest stuff...I'm jealous!

Alona said...

My pleasure! I pity the fool who don't like soap on a rope!