Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Part I

Alright, you requested to see our table scapes, and I let you down. I didn't put my all in it like I had planned, but here's the kid's table (rooms away from the adult table) You can't see it but they all have star cookies with their names on it and they all have double sided placemats that they actually played with for a good 15 minutes before dinner. I was surprised. This is the adults table...I know, not much, but it was good.

The adults had gingerbread cookies with their names on them.
My sistas and mom glaring at me as I take a picture of them cooking away. I think they really do love me though, that's just the way they look at me.

And this should have been at the's my awesome dude helping decorated the cookies, oh, and don't worry, the frosting tip in the mouth was just a pose.


Vonda said...

The "Hatch" girl picture is a classic - I can even picture you in that with a similar "what the heck" look. TG looked as great as it does every year - what about the "untalent show"? I tried to talk Dani into it, but we settled for everyone doing their own thing.

Koi said...

Ok the picture of your mom, Paula and Randa totally cracked me up. And then what you said about it is even funnier. "Just the way they look at me." You kill me!