Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas kid #2...

Kam had doubts that Santa was going to bring her something, that or she just wasn't too extremely excited about the Santa thing. She just kept asking, "are our cousins at Grandma's yet?". Even the morning of, she wasn't trying to sneak in the front room. She loved wrapping, baking, decorating and shopping, but not too extremely excited about opening. She did love playing with her gifts though. She got lots of play doh, a set of 6 princess shoes, a pony that you can brush it's hair (that's all she asked for), a hand held with a few games, puzzles, books and art supplies. After opening and cleaning, she spent most of the day eatting candy and playing with play doh, singing Christmas songs, and doing the slinky dance. She's awesome.

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alison said...

She is so cute, I love those lips she's got, no fair!!!!!!!