Tuesday, December 2, 2008

8 magical years....

So today is our magical 8 year anniversary. EIGHT! I thought it only seemed appropriate to do the honeymoon post today. (this is not the honeymoon...this is 2 and ahalf years later at Kamryn's blessing...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture...and it's cuter in real life...this is a crappy scan!)
I'd do the wedding one, but really I don't remember much and I didn't write much, so, here are a few pictures from one of my 3 bridal showers. This was the one with my valley friends and family. This is my "I love whipped cream, but why did I get it for my shower" face.... This is my "he's soo lucky to have a redneck wife" face....

This is my "yay, I get to get knocked up and not be condemed" face...

And this is from our honeymoon.....we started the ole honeymoon by driving to Vegas. We played around there for a day then off to San Fran where we stayed a few nights. One night we stayed in a fancy really old hotel in the middle of downtown. It was awesome...so awesome that Jase forgot a little something, a weapon of protection, so that night was a little dull, but we did end up stealing the rubber (keep your minds clean) duck that they had in the bathroom as a souviner. That night we also went to Stomp, which was about 5x better than Blue Man Group...FYI. Then we headed up Highway 1 (the coast), I beleive this was taken on a pit stop....

Then we stayed a night in Malibu and spent new years on the beach. It was our favorite trip ever...well, now in a tie with our 2nd \honeymoon...Jamaica. But we want to redo our Highway 1 roadtrip for ou 10 year...we loved it!

And Now I'd like to present you with what I call, "quirks of the man I'm honored to call my dork"

Quirk # 1 that drives me crazy, but I'd miss it if it weren't there

Major sleep twitcher! The dude HAS to twitch before he falls asleep every night. If we're in the love sac and we're watching a movie and I feel a twitch, he gets a slap to wake him back up.

Quirk # 2

The face I call his "Pat" face (from SNL)...when he says or does something that he thinks is funny, but he knows it'll make me mad, he does this really big cheesy grin and raises his eyebrows and shrugs his shoulders....looks just like Pat, and makes me sick to my stomach....I always tell him that too.

(oh, and no, he wasn't a minor when I married him, he just looked like he was)

Quirk #3

Crappy surprise keeper. I think in our whole marriage I've been surprised maybe twice. He leaves receipts laying around, or asks questions that give it away, or tells someone with a big mouth, or I get a phone call confirmation for whatever he ordered. Anyway, I do LOVE surprises, but it's always been a surprise when I found out as well. Keep tryin babe!

Quirk #4

He tells me evey Sunday, even if I am still in the shower, "who's going ot be ready to go in 5 minutes?" Gotta love that right?

Quirk #4

His weird food combinations. 3 I've grown to love are cream cheese with pears and pretzels with cream cheese and doritos with sour cream. One I'll never love, cold hot dogs with cottage cheese...gross!

Quirk #5

I know it's a chiro thing, but I love how frustarted he gets when he hears about parents that have their kids on antibiotics every month, or when someone is sitting there drinking a soda and a candy bar and saying that they've been eatting healthy. no lie, he had a patient that said he was sticking to the anti inflam diet and one week one of his daughters told us they were at McD's and the next week another daughter said they go there at least once a week....Jase gets soo frustrated...it makes me laugh!

Quirk #6

I love(and hate) that he is constnatly thinking of ways to help people....mostly his family. But no matter where we are, people stop him and tell him about their health problems or their aunt's health problems, or their kid's health problems, and even though I get frusrated and mad (especially when they call on the weekends right after we put our kids to bed and settle down for a movie, or when we're on a date), I'm glad he has the knowledge and the concern to help so many! You're the best J!

Since our last anniversary we have:

1. moved

2. sold a clinic

3. built up a full time practice

4. eatten sushi

5. taken the kids to Disneyland

6. Many camping trips

7. Gone to Jamaica

8. I've got my dream body for 2 weeks

9. Jase got sick and hit MY dream weight

10. finally gained control of the 3 kids thing.

11. had our first centipede

12. had our first cow

13. got our first chickens

14. saved Foxxie from a bitch fight

15. Fell more in LOVE!

Love ya J dawg! Hope we can last at least another 8!


Kourtney Dawn said...

you two are cute, he is an awesome guy!

Down Home Happiness said...

I''ll never forget your bridal shower when you opened baby diapers and your sisters questioned if I knew what kind of shower I was coming too. I just knew what it would lead to...and it did and hurry up so it will prove to be round 4!

alison said...

Awww you guys are so cute and I have to say you have had quite a successful year. I wish I could say the same, I feel like this year has just been one catastrophe after the next, but I guess we are still alive and happy through it all. Can you believe we have been married so long? It goes so fast!

Shawna said...

Yay for December weddings and yay for # 8. Our 8 is coming up on the 19th. I loved all your pictures, you were a beautiful bride!
I seriously love your blog, it's totally YOU!

Koi said...

Wow, Foxxie almost threw down? That must have been pretty intense. Glad you were able to break that up. I would have bet on Foxxie coming out the winner though.

AudyCamp said...

seriously you've accomplished WAY more this past year than I have...oh and who's that girl with the weird look on her face that looks like a teenager holding a baby. I remember being so glad that I finally found the house for your bridal shower.