Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I'm loving right now....

I'm loving Christmas cards already. Holy crap that some of you got them out already. For the guilt and shame you've put on me this year, you will removed from my "christmas card" address list for next year. Small towns. I love the evil little Christmas light decorating contests that makes neighbor envy neighbor, and I love that a few people are doing the same family for secret santa, and I love the traffic, crime rate, and lines.
What "things I'm loving right now" list would be complete without a little Mayer. Thank you Gap, and kudos for the great idea...I wanna buy everything he has on.

Jeans that stretch. I've never been more grateful for them as I am in this lovely months of the 10lbs weight gain...oh, wait, that was November....Hmm, another 10lbs for December, that'll be nice. Yay for stretchy ponts!

Sweater wheather! I only have 2 sweaters, but I'm loving dressing my toy man doll (jase) in sexy, cuddly and warm!

Chili's white chocolate molten lava cake...again, yay for stretch ponts!

Toy shopping! This has been the funnest toy shopping year ever!!!! I love having 3 kids...can't wait to toy shop for 6...yes, Jaden will love toys when he's 16!

Ok, I know a lot of you think this is gross of me, but Brother David Matthews...I LOVE YOU!

Cutting down your own Christmas tree! WE've been stuck in baren cities (ie Dallas) for so long that I haven't cut down my own Christmas tree since we've been married...that's all about to change tomarrow!!!!! All the cool people are doing it...take these two fine gentlemen for instance.

Alright, so yes, it's getting a little drawn out and mushy, boring and let's not forget the sexual tension (which will be an intense subject in a very near future post), but what would we all do without our Jim and Pam? And this week, the fights....nice. Pam bettered make those freakin copies! Be strong Jim!!!!
We just put up our icicle lights! I love em! I love leaving all of the lights off inside and seeing them shine in from the outside...especially with our fire going and you can see the smoke in the night air. Wow, poetic.
And I'm so loving that I've been able to take almost all of my sister's family pictures this year...finally! After next weekend (when I get to take the Guttery's pictures) I will have taken all of them this year. I love it...I never feel pressure when I do their pictures, and I love seeing them interact and they of coarse are my favorites to don't get much better looking that these families...honestly.....

And there you have it...things I'm loving right now!


Jessica said...

You do such an awesome job at taking pics. I love the black and white too! This year ours are so pathetic our Christmas cards won't have a family picture in sad!

Alona said...

Great family pictures. I LOVED The Office this last Thursday. We couldn't stop laughing! I loved their little disagreement about the copier and the chairs. I still think the copy people should have won.

Zane said...

Is it just me or is Dave Matthews hitting a very creepy middle-aged phase?

$600 really is a lot of money at Burlington Coat Factory.

Vonda said...

I LOVE my sisters pictures. Who is gonna take yours, or are you using the ones Bet took? Sunday at 1:30 work for you? I love the black and white too.

Down Home Happiness said...

I love the pictures too! Maybe we should have you do ours while your down this weekend. I'm still really sad for you about your family pictures. What a disappointment. I know how you are about scheduling and being on time so I know this really has got to bug you. Well hopefully you get some killer ones to make it better. Call me when your down this weekend I'd love to go do something. Oh and the weight gain, forget it! Next year your going to be putting some back on anyway for a sweet baby so might as well get a head start. This bed rest stuff is enlarging me by the minutes. Take care love ya! By the way great mom, you are making your kids childhood so fun. I would never wake up that early to go somewhere. Your great!