Monday, December 22, 2008

More Randomness....

I just like when the kids get so tired that they fall asleep wherever. Ok, this is something that I'm pretty excited about...not suburban or hummer excited, but if it were to have been an escalade, or magnum, this is how excited I was. Jase baked!!!!! First time ever! He did it two days in a row because it was so amazing. I had a shoot on Saturday and I had to make a dessert for our ward party, but did'nt have time, so I got everything out and left the recipe and he aced it! So I made him make it the next night fo rmy parents. It's called Eclaire cake. It's soo good. I'm hoping this is just his introduction to his new world of his cullinary skills!
Ah, and then the ward party. It was so fun. Lots of games, contests, songs, skits, and of coarse, Brother Clause made an apperance. This is the son of the brother clause that I used to sit on when I was a kid. Awesome!

And on Thursday night, Jaden had his Christmas concert. This was the cute nativity...don't look for Jaden, he's not in this pic.

Now look for my little angel...he looks a little pissed off, but he wasn't. He loved it!


Alona said...

Yay for Christmas programs in the auditorium! I love Joseph City!

alison said...

Nothing is sexier than your husband cooking in the kitchen. Ok that sounds weird, I am meaning that in a general context. So I am saying seeing my hubby cooking in the kitchen is super sexy!