Monday, December 22, 2008

Seven?! Are you kidding me?!

I seriously just had him! SERIOUSLY, it was just a few months ago it seems. I can't believe the dude is seven! I've gotta list my top 10 favorite things about this small man. 10. his goofiness, he has a hard time being serious. He loves to just be happy and goofy.

9. his blonde hair, dark eyes and dark skin. Killer combo bud.

8. that he still hugs me and tells me he loves me when he leaves from school...even when he leaves again at lunch.

7. that he loves to play with Kam all day, even if there is fighting every couple of minutes, he's perfectly content playing with her all day.

6. that he wants mac and cheese for his birthday dinner, I know he'll grow out of that one, so I'm soakin it up!

5. how grateful he is for what we have.

4. his dimples...they're the best!

3. how he folds is clothes into a million different piles before gathering them up to put them away.

2. that he still sneaks chocolate and has it all over his face....his messiness drives me crazy, but when he does this, I love it.

1. how much he loves his mom! He is soo sweet to me, and always is, even if I ask him to do something he doesn't want to, he might not do it with a smile, but he won't be rude to his mom.

Now I have to share something awesome that he did yesterday. A few days ago a lady here in town put up a thing at the post office that said, "Emergency, twin bed needed this week!". And I thought if we had an extra, we don't, so I moved on. Then last night, she called me and said, "I saw that you have an extra twin bed on the side of your house...are you trying to get rid of it?". It's just a head board and foot board with no frame or mattresses, I got it at a friend's yard sale and I'm eventually going to either get a frame for it or turn it into an outdoor bench. So I told her that. Then as we were talking about it, I told Jase that I wouldnt' mind getting rid of Jaden's peice of crap bed. And we asked him if he would want to do that for someone who really needs a bed because they have a sick body. And without hesitation, he said, sure. So now Jaden has to sleep in on Kam's bed til we find him a new bed. He's sooo sweet, and I could tell it made him really happy to give his bed to this lady. Love ya lots buddy, now I've gotta go decorate the house and get your crepes made before you get up!


The Sanderson Family said...

4:02 am Kristal? SERIOUSLY? I probably get more sleep than you do...even with my newborn baby! such a cutie! I love that kid! Maybe him & Payge can get married someday! :) See you in a couple hours!

Matt & Sarah Pace said...

You have the cutest kids!! Wow 7 happy birthday!!

Amy John said...

Are you talking about the blue bed??

Kristal said...

Don't be mad amy. We loved it as much as you did, but this lady was soo desperate sounding on the phone, and since Kam sleeps on the ground anyways, we knew we could just shove Jado on her bed. Again, don't be mad.

alison said...

Wow that was so nice of you guys. I love that he was happy to do it. I remember when you had him and I too can't believe that it has been 7 years since then. Just think next year he will be baptized, that is a crazy time. It made me feel a little old, not as old as turning 30 did though.