Monday, December 1, 2008


Last year Danica, Bethany and myself went up to Flag. Danica got a husband so now she has to split the holidays...sorry year!
So let me start from the beinning. Thanksgiving day. Kmart starts their sales then. So Jase and I headed up at 5:30 and got everything we needed...our $15 DVD player, our $10 games for the vsmile/vtech, buy one get one free leapfrog stuff, buy one get one free air hogs, the $25 nerf machine gun, Christmas decorations, a few movies, buy one get one free hungry hungry hippo and perfection, and a bunch more. We ended that shopping adventure with some sweet sweet breakfast at Denny's...we had Bossman with us, he was awesome, and has already forgotten all the presents he saw us buy...good boy!
Black Friday 2008.....I didn't sleep AT ALL that night. I was too nervous I'd sleep in past my alarm. So 2am rolled around, and I layed there thinking, "should I get up? No, Jase said 3am is when the online sales start" so I waited for the alarm to go off at 3 am, then I ran into the computer, brought up the black friday online sales and shopped away...noticing that the high priced items were already sold 3:03 am! So yes, it was 2am, my BF BFF (black friday best friend forever) reassured me of it. So I got pretty much everything I wanted...2 hand held blue, one pink, a bike, and something I can't write on here because jase reads this sometimes. By the time I got back into bed it was 3:45, and my alarm for real life shopping black friday was set for 4am, so I just stayed up...and at 4 I began the waking up process of Bethany. Her dad warned me it would be a task, and being the naive waker upper that I am, I thought I did it in a mere 5 minutes of singing the "happy black Friday" song and shaking the bed, because she got half way up and said she was going to get ready. Fifteen minutes later, I realized I couldn't hear anything...i went back in there to find the sleeping monster...ASLEEP! So I did a much more extreme happy black friday song and waited til she was out of bed. Then a good 45 minutes later (when Walmart in Winslow had already opened), she was ready to go. So we skipped winslow and went right to Flag. We started at big lots because I needed their $5 tickle me Cookie Monster. I got one and there wer e2 more left...the lady behind me took both of them...whew! I also bought some cute entryway CHristmas trees for $10 a peice that I'll post later. Then off to Walmart. I really don't remember all the amazing deals I got here but our cart was overflowing, and the line wrapped around the whole store...we made some good native friends in line though. Some of the deals, the 12 pack of hot wheels for $5, a hand mixer for $5, a two pack of huge nerf guns for $10, trivial pursuit 80's edition for $10, kung fu panda DVD for $9, amazingly huge play doh sets for $10 and of coarse the fisher price shopping cart that wasn't on sale ANYWHERE for black friday, but Bossy needs one more than anything, so we got it.
Next was Big 5 where I got something I can't write on here, sorry suckers. Then off to Target where we got something I can't write for a great deal, and something else I can't write for what I hope is a great deal, and tons of stockign stuffers, a hello kitty popcorn doesn't get much cooler than that, more air hog shiz, a disney princes puzzle for $3, a pony with hair to brush (that's all she asked for) for $15, 2 more awesome play doh sets for $8, and then about 5 other things. Then off to Old navy where I got the cutest emerald jeweled ballet flats for $10 and some PJ pants for my dude for $10 (not the best deal, but had to get them for upcoming events), and other stuff. Seriously a great day!

Oh, and it's tradition to go to IHOP mid black friday to reclaim sainity before heading out again. Bet and I decided to compare the contets of our purses. I labled them for you. Pretty close to the same stuff..she's got midol and advil where I've got DSF and Adreno Plus. We both have a few pairs of sunglasses, pens, phones, cards, reciepts, eye drops lotion and make up and various other weird stuff.

Us waiting for our sweet was FREEZING and we had to wait in the outter lobby by the doors and some guy that was puking...we think it's because he ate eggs and steak for breakfast...who does that?

Thanks Bet for the killer BF and thanks for not wrecking while you were texting and driving and messing with your ipod and yelling at the drivers next to us and drinking your monster and the other 15 things you manage to do whilst're talented! Can't wait til next year!


Vonda said...

Couponsense, baby!

Sounds like alot of good savings were had and a partner to do it with. Love that you did IHOP again too.

dani said...

I'm gonna go cry now.

I bet it was really lame without me, your just trying to make your self feel better by saying how awesome it was. Yeah, thats it.

You better belive I'll be there next year! Maybe by then I'll actually have some mulah to spend!

Jessica said...

Sounds so fun! I wanted to do black friday sooo bad! Maybe next year! And I LOVE your outfit in that pic! It is soooo cute!

Kate said...

Your blog is always so funny! I was out there fighting crowds at 4am too! I LOVE BF and all the deals!

Kate said...

Hi again - you don't know me - i am just a fan. I'm Mary's cousin in Ohio and loved your blog!

Megan said...

I love it! I am so jealous! I love Black Friday Shopping, but don't have anyone that wants to go w/ me?! What a loser I must be?!