Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning a lot to look like Christmas...

(that's how I sing that song...always have, always will, deal with it people!)

ALright, I just ordered our crappy exuse of a Christmas card yesterday...for those of you that got our card last year or the year before or even the year before...this year is a step down due to the frustrating photoshoots. Anyway, if you didn't get my e mail, and I don't have your address, and you need a stepped down Mulder Christmas card this year, e mail me your address


The Arnell Family said...

I would love to see your cute family! Our address is P.O Box 1268Thatcher AZ :) But mostly I'm commenting you because I'd like yours so I can send you a card! Since you were my inspiration for starting biggest loser. . . and you are pretty much hilarious with adorable kids. You got it all! :)

Amy John said...

Not sure if you have ours.

574 W. Orchard Way Gilbert 85233.

I can'tbelieve you have been married 8 years! It is time for baby #4 girl!