Sunday, March 29, 2009

stop with yer comments ladies!

Ok, so EVERY pregnancy, I come soo close to popping some woman in the face...sadly, it has already started this time. I ALWAYS get the ole, "twins?" comment. But usually when I'm 6 months or farther...can you believe I got it at a mere 3 months?! Yea, I ran into, um, a relative on Saturday, and she patted my fat gutt and said, "I heard you're expecting, how far along are you?". I told her 3 months and she said, "really? Is it twins?" SHUT UP!!! UGH!!! Then today at church, a lady I work with in the RS asked how I was feeling and I just told her grouchy and tired, then she asked how far along I was, so I told her and her reply, "really? do you always show this much this soon?" BITE ME!!! UGH!

1. how big my belly is
2. how naughty my kids are

Take a second, and look at your own belly, or your own kids. And if they are both perfect, let's talk about your domestic skills or your hair, or maybe your skin or thighs! UGH!!!!!


Tiff Hunt said...

I feel the exact same way. Except, i can't even say that I'm 3 months yet. I've got two weeks left, and I feel like two ton Tina. People should really just keep their damn comments to themselves. At least if you snap you can blame it on hormones. :) Good luck!

Kristal said...

YOU"RE PREGNANT?! Tiffany!!! Invite me to your stinking blog!!! I don't have your e mail address, and I try to go to your blog all the time and You've restricted me!! grr!!!!
Congratulations!!! What did the trick?

Miken Harding said...

Sounds like a blast of a weekend! Love the old grouchy lady picture! Boston can say boobies-she her Phil say it once and she knows excatly what they are for. "Mommy's boob milk" It's so stinking cute!

Amy John said...

Kristal, you look great right now and you are being too hard on yourself. And I know you don't want to hear that... SO...Ya that WAS pretty funny what Kam said about BOOBIES!! Zoe and Kamryn are 2 peas in a pod! So this weekend was totally fun, and we can't wait till our freaking awesome BBQ next weekend.

Our Little World said...

I wanna see a pic! Seriously!

So, I am 30 wks and someone in my ward asked me the other day, "Soooo, are you pregnant???" In a voice where she felt uncomfortable is she just fatter or pregnant. I say, "Um yeah. Actually, NO, it's a TUMOR!" Yes, that is what I said. Stupid! Asking me at 30 wks along if I'm pregnant? Ugh!

Sarah Pace said...

I don't believe that you are that big!!! Yeah I feel AWEFULL!!!! I am always tired and my house is a mess!!! but whatever!! I don't feel good so thats that! some people and the nerve they have huh!!! I'v been irritable to, so I notice the things people say and I'm the same way, they can BITE ME!!!

Kristal said...

Um, I'm really not irritable, I get nicer when I get pregnant, and sadly, everyone notices it, but those kind of comments would make me stab someone not pregnant, so being pregnant, I'm just blogging about it. Seriously who says that crap?!